Undawnted Pages

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cat People and the Hunger Games

The new cat that adopted me outside and lives in my yard/garage, well, I named her Abreen.

We had a cold front move through yesterday and we have had cooler temperatures. This morning, Abreen begged for food and rubbed against my leg. which is a first. I petted her without getting hissed at, another first, and felt how emaciated she was.

Underneath her long and matted coat is skin and bones, it's so terrible. I hate kitties that are starving to death. No wonder she sticks around my yard. She probably doesn't have the energy to roam that far.

How horrible.

I guess from her behavior this morning she now considers me a friend. The rest of the hoard still stay back probably from her hissing and growling during dinner time in the past. Again, I don't blame her. Although, I am still guessing about her gender. Time will tell.

I picked a unisex name for her: Breen. Then I added the A prefix because I do believe she is a she. If not, she responds to Breen, so not harm done. 

I began calling her Abreen a few days ago. I guess she thought that if I am calling her a name then that means she is welcome and safe. Cats are strange and wonderful creatures. If you send out the right energy, then you have a friend for life. If you don't, well, I guess you are not a cat person. 

I like dogs too but I'm allergic to the ones that shed and dogs are too much for me right now. I can't devote walking time or fetch time outside. So cats are better than dogs at this juncture. 

I do hate finding animals that are hungry. I surmise that if Abreen had not come to my home when she did; she would be dead somewhere right now. Just makes me sick. 

No one, human or animal, should play a real life hunger games. There is enough food in the world to go around, no matter what the television or government says. [Clean and safe] Food like water and air are rights. 

It's just too bad corporations and some people don't see it that way. If you refuse someone any of those three necessities, then people die. Isn't that considered murder? Don't we as a species have a moral obligation to others of our kind and to this planet?

Food for thought...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I spend a fair amount of my time reading, listening to internet radio, and thinking. I think about the future and what it means to me. What can the future hold for a cripple unable to tolerate the outside world?

Then again, who would want to?

Humans have allowed corporations, banks, and government to steal the wealth, prosperity, and health of our race and planet. 

Maybe it's a good thing I am stuck at home or I would be protesting everyday the stupidity of the human condition that has created such corruption. 

It's all humanity's fault too. 

Socioeconomic despair and terrorism has been done on purpose. The poison in the air, water, food, and everything else is also on purpose. Where have we been while this idiocy has transpired? While our children have been uneducated about freedom and their bodies fed toxins?

I wander.

I wander around the internet. I read what is going on in the world. I wonder why 6 billion people are aimless with all the connections being thrown at us on a daily basis.

Are sports and television shows really more important than fixing the broken mechanism of politics in this country? 

I wonder.

I wonder what it is going to take for those who are lost to finally ponder the future and how they can change it for the better? 

Not all who wander are lost...

But it seems all that is lost is because no one bothered to wander out of the fixed opinions, not facts, they are spoonfed on the television by talking heads. People actually believe what they are told from the alphabet news stations is real. The idiotic box repeats only what idiots know. It's a box of deception, for entertainment purposes only... Humanity has forgotten this golden rule.

When are you going to decide to wander outside the box?

The rest of us are waiting for you.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Calling All Cabbies, I Just Want to Breathe

Good god, man. 

I was going to go to the grocery store yesterday but I had this major migraine hit me. I was in bed with ice packs for over 16 hours. Probably too much Vitamin B Complex 50 and dried my infected sinuses out too much. 

I have a cure for that: start with half the B Complex, raw organic garlic cloves twice a day, and take my other supplements as normal. Then I can slowly work up to a full B dose. 

So today I went to the grocery. I needed rice, vit c packets, eggs, vinegar, romaine lettuce, and some thousand island dressing.

I jumped into the cab and gagged! He sprayed either himself or the back seat of the cab with cologne. I mean, it was bad. It was so bad I literally had to come home after the store and take a shower.

Cabbies, stop! There are many asthmatics in the world and a lot of those patients are children. I carry an oxygen tank. It's not like I hide my disability from people. Instead of wasting money on car fresheners, colognes, and god knows what else... just use a spray bottle with vinegar and water. Like 80-20 or 70-30, water to vinegar is all you need. 

Vinegar dissipates easily and when dried leaves no smell. Vinegar disinfects to boot. It's better than bleach, but it's acceptable in almost every public setting and won't give you chemical pneumonia. 

Trust me, switching from poisons to vinegar will help your health too. 

If you are cab driver, or know one, please let them know that vinegar is so much better and cheaper to use in their cabs. 

The rest of us who rely on their services will be better off as well.

And that's my tip for the day!