Friday, January 24, 2014

Happiness in a Corrupt System

I had a lovely afternoon talking with neighbors. One was having a garage sale and a couple of others filtered through looking at things. I bought a couple of items. 

I needed some wire to hang a picture correctly and boom, there some was!

i discovered another person who has had employer trouble. It seems that the more neighbors I talk to the more I discover that employers do not understand or appreciate their workers. You wonder why we have problems in this country...

Don't treat your workers like dirt. When I worked I never saw in my job responsibilities that I must surrender my pride, self-esteem, and thought processes to accommodate management's ineptitude.

I am not a servant and I am not stupid. I get paid to do certain tasks, not wipe your ass. So if you hate your employees, that is your personal problem and never should become a retaliatory agenda in the office.

Going along to get along, an employee should never be put in this position. If you expect an employee to be under your boot, then guess what? The problem isn't the employee: it;s YOU. 

There are troubled employees. That's with any general population but most employees want to do a good job,. If you screw with an employee, then you are showing that you are the one that is unprofessional and should be fired. 

I dealt with discrimination at my former employer and I am so glad I am disabled now. The stress of working for incompetent people is over. I just wish more employees would start standing up against corrupt managers. 

It degrades the organization. It kills productivity. All in all, politics and discrimination in the workplace by management to create a culture of dominance and fear is just bad business. 

As tax payers and consumers, we can chose to support businesses that are fair to workers. Perhaps that would be a good way to change the business of being inept toward employees if we began voting with our dollars, instead of being slaves to the corrupt business model. 

And, start your own business. Screw employers who cannot appreciate what they have. Be the leader and example you would like to set for the world. 

If someone is taking away your happiness, remember to not take responsibility for their negativity. It's on them, not you. Keep the energy vampires at bay with white light, your own goals, and of course, happiness. 

Happy trails;) to you!