Nonfiction is writing in real life. From articles, essays, and confidentials, this section chronicles facts about art, poetry, writing, and the writer.

Haunted, Inc.
Paranormal investigations from the viewpoint of a historian, researcher, and sensitive.

Integrated meaning, sound, and rhyme that formulates an imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response.

On The Record
Narratives comprised of personal experiences and factual events.

When the author is a character in a story based on true life participation. 

A column integrating technology with the creative arts.

Writing Unscripted
The style and form in the practice of grammar, structure, and composition are discussed.


Critical Acclaim from Readers

"Your essays about writing and the writer are cogent and material to our modern expression of the written word."

"The only thing about writing the great one, is how do you top yourself with the next book."

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