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Friday, May 27, 2022

June 2022 is Summer Activation Time on Undawnted

Undawnted switches from our Spring Dreams to Summer Time seasonal reads program on June 1st. 

Before that time, Undawnted has stopped updating our Facebook pages and accounts. On May 26th, Facebook forced DL Mullan into a 2-Step Authentication process... meaning this rogue corporation stole her emergency phone number in order to create a tracking leash onto its disabled user. 

Facebook tracks their users throughout the internet. This data is then sold for a profit. That information also is banked for future use to punish users who speak out against the censorship and the inane complaint of "misinformation."

By the way, Misinformation is what you gather from the mainstream media and intelligence operations on social media, not the other way around. If you are unconvinced, then see the Smith-Mundt Act that was updated during the Obama years that allowed the Intelligence Industrial Complex to propagandize Americans.  

Everything is not what it appears. As the revelation took hold, Undawnted turned off cable and the television years ago. Instead of being misled by talking heads, the author began researching what is real... nothing on television, even the news, is real. Real events, yes. Reality, no. A logical paradox has been born.

As a consequence of knowing real knowledge, this disabled woman will have to purchase a new emergency phone with a new number. On a fixed income, that is tragedy. With inflation, it is catastrophic.

In the last few years, corporations have stepped out of the shadows in order to rule us like Divine Right of Kings... I don't know about you, but I never voted in one of these treacherous CEOs into elected office... All this grandstanding is hubris. Their power is based in nothing, but what we give them. 

The power of the elite class is nothing more than a witch's spell. Spells are born of word and intention. If you rescind your consent, by refusing to participate in their schemes to scam you out of your privacy, reality, and creative spirit, then you can return to wholeness again. 

Adults do not need a ruling class of elites. We don't need to be under a conservatorship. The point of voting is to be responsible for our communities and countries. These shadows have corrupted the system for power, control, and profit. 

Why is anyone in the world supporting corporations that hate the people of this Earth? 

It is time people from around the world take a stand against these social media, as well as political and corporate, oligarchs that are using American taxpayer funded technology platforms to implement worldwide communism. That is what Globalism is: corporate control and bureaucratic communism. 

In the meantime, Undawnted will be researching other social media arenas to participate in. Good companies that don't want your information to sell or use against you. Corporations that abide by our privacy rights, as well as assert our rights.

This summer just got a whole lot more interesting! 

Have a great and wonderful rest of your May. 


Monday, December 3, 2018

Save Freedom of Speech from Book Burning Censors in Techland

I do not know about you but I have never voted in Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, or any other Silicon Valley technology company into public office.

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Technology like the internet, domain addresses, and other means like Icann were researched by DARPA and funded by the American taxpayer. So the technology companies who laud censorship for political and social control are in fact misusing the public trust and public's ownership of the world wide web. In addition, these companies began as the Public Square where everyone has an equal voice. 

Technology usage by Silicon Valley is not cut and dry. Companies like Facebook have seesawed between being a public forum to recently redefining themselves as a publisher to cover their growing legal problems.

In order to combat this ever increasing censorship by technology companies, the pubic has ways to fight back. First, get a blog and state your case against censorship. Second, make your Congress critters aware of your disapproval of their lack of action against big tech. And, third, call the White House. 

For those individuals directly affected by the unlawful and illegal censorship, lawsuits must be filed against these overreaching monopolies. 

So stand up against censorship. Freedom of Speech is not about protecting speech you agree with but the speech you do not agree with. The Public Square is for everyone to enjoy. 

Corporations of any size are not our parents. With corporate need to buy our politicians, create their own laws, and demand obedience from the public, perhaps it is time Americans redefine what a corporation is in our society. Right now, corporations are acting more like global government and not for which they were originally intended: to produce consumer products and services. 

I do not remember that incorporation included being another branch to the American government.

Do you? 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Marketing: The Language of Symbols

I have been assisting others lately develop their marketing strategies from blogs, websites to book covers. In reality, what I am doing is helping develop an author's language of symbols. The letters and words I am typing now are in fact symbols.

Did you know the letter "a" is the symbol for an ox? 

Humans are hardwired to understand and translate the abstract language of symbols to convey information in a short amount of time. It is an efficient system, but also one that can be used for negative purposes. Go to any corporations website and translate their symbols, or marketing logos. What does that corporation tell you without saying a word? Then you will understand the language of silent hypocrisy.

As artists and writers, we use symbols to tell stories. When it comes to brand creation, most artists and writers cannot translate themselves into a marketing strategy. That is where I usually find myself: in between the creator and true genesis. 

So how do artists and writers step out of the shadows to show their readership/audience in symbols what they and their products are all about? 

Writing about Marketing today! 
The Undawnted logo is a great example. It has a Saturn motif. Saturn is the old bearded man that likes structure. Yet, if one takes a closer look, I have shadows in the eye of the storm. I like the paranormal so I threw that symbolism in there, but I also like science and science fiction. So the swirl is indicative of a galaxy spinning around a galactic center of beings and perhaps an Einstein Rosenbridge. The rings could be of a Saturn like planet, but in this case, the rings symbolize the expansion of creativity and consciousness across the universe. 

So look how much I said in that logo for Undawnted: Imagination is Fearless, after all. 

There are some unwritten rules about blogs and websites that many artists and authors shove to the side, so I will help translate those items:
  • keep it simple
  • only have 2 to 3 clicks to anywhere on your site
  • declutter, you don't have to put everything in the menus when a link will do
  • white space is golden
  • be conservative
When I explain these items, I get blown off. If I go to sites of artists and authors with their Twitter and social media feeds on the side, that is too much input for me. As your audience, I am looking for YOU... not your feeds. I could care less. 

I want access to your writings or your art pieces. And, I want them as soon as I click onto your site. So take down all the noise and replace the noise with a link. 

A blog/website comes down to what you want me to know... in the first five seconds I am there. Are you trying sell me your Twitter feed or your book/art? 

Symbolism takes a hen peck approach. If your main focus is to sell me your works, then don't sell me the secondaries of Twitter and social media. Prioritize. 

If you write and sell writing services... get two different blogs or sites. You can interweave and link to create a support mechanism for both your inventions. I began with art and writing on this site. When I focused on what Undawnted was all about, I moved the art off and created: Sonoran Dawn Studios. Bingo! 

Now if someone needs design and publishing services, that person goes to 

If someone wants to read something unique from every topic under the sun, that person comes to Undawnted. 


Always keep it simple. You don't want your blog, website, or logo to look like a Jackson Pollock painting. You want to look like Da Vinci: with style, grace, and purpose. 

I hope I have explained this topic well. 

When you endeavor on a path of marketing, be sure to visit other artists and authors' websites. See what they have done to market themselves to a wider audience. Have a list of what you like and what you don't like. 

Then sketch out what you want then find someone like me to help you translate your world to the universe of readers and connoisseurs of your unique art form. 

If you can do it yourself, even better. I encourage artists and writers to learn other modalities so they are less inclined to pay for services they don't need or want. Services should be there to enhance what you already have, not leave you penniless. 

So do some basic research. Learn what a great marketing strategy is. Ask for help. Get only the services you require. 

Sounds easy, but takes a lot of work!

Have a great and wonderful day!!!  

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Author Versus Writer

Let the games begin!

An author is someone who originates or creates. A writer is someone who is an author or writes stock options. The dictionary is a great place to reflect and gain knowledge. 

There is a school of thought online that states: if you are not optioned by a press or publisher you are therefore not an author. As seen by the two definitions above, that is a fallacy. Writer and author are interchangeable. 

For a long time, I used the term "writer" to identify myself because I had not published a book. When I had published my own writings, an article arose stating that self published writers should not classify themselves as authors. That in doing so self published authors were just giving themselves trophies for showing up. 

I assure you: I did not just show up. I have been writing since junior high school. I have many third party writing credits to my name as well as awards for poetry. I have several degrees that took the effort of writing to attain as well as I have taken college creative writing courses.

Then I pondered on the dilemma a bit further. Was this a case of publisher snobbery? You can only win the title of author if you lick the boots of some garish halfwit with a license?  

Publishing houses have been in control of the written word for a very long time. Writers have had to subject themselves to agents and supply chain demands and criticism for centuries. Now with print on demand technology and the internet, agents and publishing houses have some stiff competition called the free market. 

The monopoly is finished. No more social engineering people to write certain stories or outcomes. People can write for the simple joy of writing. 

But there are so many bad writers out there, how do we weed them out? 

The market will weed out bad writers. For the rest, writers could take a leadership role in making sure good writers are lifted into the public eye more readily by buying and reviewing their books online, creating and publishing anthologies at their own standards, and assisting fellow writers in the writing process. 

I have opened up Sonoran Dawn Studios to publish my own works as well as create and release short story and poetry anthologies in the near future. 

Writers have an enormous opportunity to shape the future of writing, if they stop depicting writing as an authoritative caste system deployed to bully and control the act of writing to the point where writers and authors mean two distinct ideas, then writers can become their own gatekeepers as well as mentor younger or less seasoned writers. But writers will need to take a stand to guide the market.

There is room in the world for literary and pop culture writing. 

Writers, authors must make sure that their field is free of hacks that seek to reign in writing back to the cloistered control system that has yielded profit before people. 

Writing is a craft. It must be developed, exercised, and studied. Writing must not be limited by small minds. 

So next time you think of an author... think potential. 

Have a great and wonderful day!

Also published as Writer Versus Author on Authorsden.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Herding Cats

That is what my week has felt like.

I know you cannot herd cats. I have some. Herding is not an option.

Humans however... I had to write a person's lawyer about their negative albeit criminal behaviors. Why can't some people act like adults? You're guess is as good as mine. Then there's going to the store. When you are ill and disabled, a store a mile away seems like a continent away. I feel that I need to find an online solution to grocery shopping. 

Of course the Disneyland measles outbreak. Everyone is panicking. You and your unvaccinated kids are going to make us sick? That's logic. I swear people do not listen to themselves speak or write. If you are vaccinated, what's the worry? Or do people leaving the sham that is vaccinations actually know something you are too afraid to admit to yourself?

Research Linus Pauling Institute, research done on megadoses of IV Vitamin C. The cure for measles and West Nile Virus already exists, but that would take too much money away from large corporations. 

 Well, we are supposed to receive some type of rain here in the desert. The amounts keeps changing, lower and lower, as the planes are seen spreading something above the clouds. Great another toxin to detox. Like I don't have enough illness to go around. 

Okay, I am exhausted again. 

Time for some rest. Nothing on television tonight so I might fall to sleep with Youtube on. 

How about you?

Have a great and wonderful night!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I spend a fair amount of my time reading, listening to internet radio, and thinking. I think about the future and what it means to me. What can the future hold for a cripple unable to tolerate the outside world?

Then again, who would want to?

Humans have allowed corporations, banks, and government to steal the wealth, prosperity, and health of our race and planet. 

Maybe it's a good thing I am stuck at home or I would be protesting everyday the stupidity of the human condition that has created such corruption. 

It's all humanity's fault too. 

Socioeconomic despair and terrorism has been done on purpose. The poison in the air, water, food, and everything else is also on purpose. Where have we been while this idiocy has transpired? While our children have been uneducated about freedom and their bodies fed toxins?

I wander.

I wander around the internet. I read what is going on in the world. I wonder why 6 billion people are aimless with all the connections being thrown at us on a daily basis.

Are sports and television shows really more important than fixing the broken mechanism of politics in this country? 

I wonder.

I wonder what it is going to take for those who are lost to finally ponder the future and how they can change it for the better? 

Not all who wander are lost...

But it seems all that is lost is because no one bothered to wander out of the fixed opinions, not facts, they are spoonfed on the television by talking heads. People actually believe what they are told from the alphabet news stations is real. The idiotic box repeats only what idiots know. It's a box of deception, for entertainment purposes only... Humanity has forgotten this golden rule.

When are you going to decide to wander outside the box?

The rest of us are waiting for you.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Happiness in a Corrupt System

I had a lovely afternoon talking with neighbors. One was having a garage sale and a couple of others filtered through looking at things. I bought a couple of items. 

I needed some wire to hang a picture correctly and boom, there some was!

i discovered another person who has had employer trouble. It seems that the more neighbors I talk to the more I discover that employers do not understand or appreciate their workers. You wonder why we have problems in this country...

Don't treat your workers like dirt. When I worked I never saw in my job responsibilities that I must surrender my pride, self-esteem, and thought processes to accommodate management's ineptitude.

I am not a servant and I am not stupid. I get paid to do certain tasks, not wipe your ass. So if you hate your employees, that is your personal problem and never should become a retaliatory agenda in the office.

Going along to get along, an employee should never be put in this position. If you expect an employee to be under your boot, then guess what? The problem isn't the employee: it;s YOU. 

There are troubled employees. That's with any general population but most employees want to do a good job,. If you screw with an employee, then you are showing that you are the one that is unprofessional and should be fired. 

I dealt with discrimination at my former employer and I am so glad I am disabled now. The stress of working for incompetent people is over. I just wish more employees would start standing up against corrupt managers. 

It degrades the organization. It kills productivity. All in all, politics and discrimination in the workplace by management to create a culture of dominance and fear is just bad business. 

As tax payers and consumers, we can chose to support businesses that are fair to workers. Perhaps that would be a good way to change the business of being inept toward employees if we began voting with our dollars, instead of being slaves to the corrupt business model. 

And, start your own business. Screw employers who cannot appreciate what they have. Be the leader and example you would like to set for the world. 

If someone is taking away your happiness, remember to not take responsibility for their negativity. It's on them, not you. Keep the energy vampires at bay with white light, your own goals, and of course, happiness. 

Happy trails;) to you!

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