Thursday, January 2, 2020

Winter Frost Novel of the Season: Nocturnal Redemption In the Eye of the Beholder

Want a great read for sitting by the fireplace? Then pick up the Nocturnal Redemption paranormal romance saga. 

When Ryan is attacked by werewolves, she is rescued by the hidden Regent of the Vampire Nation, Jeremy Hampton. This event sets a domino effect in motion that Jeremy's adversary could not foresee. The future of the vampires lies on a knife’s edge: matters of the heart.
Could the love that betrayed the gypsy witches into cursing the vampires three hundred years ago be the one thing to end their immortal suffering and bring peace between these two ancient factions?

Love is always In the Eye of the Beholder.

Read more on Nocturnal Redemption's page.

Or, buy your own copy: 

Nocturnal Redemption: In The Eye of the Beholder (PDF)

Critical Acclaim from Readers:

"A lively yet very believable protagonist, entertaining dialogue and then the introduction of an enigmatic hero who may or may not still have the air of humanity about him."

"Great dialogue."

"It all makes for a good combination... Very enjoyable stuff."

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