Unleashed Materials: Genealogical Reference Guide

As part of the Legacy Universe, as well as stand-alone books/series, and its application of genealogy, the family names used and what publication they herald from will be listed on this dedicated page. 
From full familial names to surnames, these ancestors will live in our imaginations. 

  • Hode
    • Steven Carold Chisum
  • A Known Wolf  
    • TBA
  • In the Name of Blood
    •  Nicholas de Gyrlyngton 
  • Nocturnal Redemption 
    • TBA
  • The Reality Hackers 
    • Elleanor (Elleander) Chisum
    • John Chisum 
    • the surname: Gillespie 
  • Sacred Homicide 
    • the surname: Curwen
  • Saint  
    • Zilpha Stevens

For more information about family names and references, please see Our Rugged Individualism.  

Also visit: Dedication of the Legacy Universe.

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