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DL Mullan is much more than a mere writer. Since childhood she has cultivated the lessons she has learned from the elementary to university settings into her own variant art form. This art has been more than learning convention and interpretation; art has shaped how she views the world. This perspective can be seen in every aspect of her written work.

DL Mullan has learned. Her elementary school taught Japanese theater and poetry, foreign languages, writing, cooking, drama, as well as drawing skills. Middle school years centered around a competitive orchestra, cultural introductions, and history. Junior high she set a trend that incorporated violinists into the school band. In an arts magnet high school, she traded in her bow for concert choir, the piano, and guitar as well as talent show and the theater performances.  

During college, the author expanded her reach into the arts. As an operatic singer, she sung at private and community engagements. She even sung at her own graduation. As an actress, she has appeared in commercials, an international teaser trailer as well as movies. With the stage, she has credits as a stage manager, assistant stage manager, show runner, technical advisor, decorator, and seamstress when she was not in a theatrical production as an actor.

Still her passion has always been writing. Her career began in her formative years with school instruction and journal writing. Later in her teens, she wrote comedic short stories and heart-wrenching song lyrics. College provided her with the skills and knowledge to take her writing talents to the next level. DL Mullan won awards and publication credits. 

For more information about DL Mullan’s creative writing and performance art, please check out her credentials on Undawnted's media site: Undawnteum

As for the Critical Acclaim published on this site, her readers over the years have enjoyed her creative and imaginative poetry, short stories, long fiction and nonfiction contributions alike. All acclaim is real, by actual people not related to or associated with the author.

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