Poetry speaks to us. The words combined to convey the largest ideas in a few words, phrases, and with visual imagery. From dark and controversial to happy and romantic, these chapbooks are sure to satisfy any reader's inner cravings.

Motifs expanded in individual books. 
One poem that spans several pages is long form. 
Cinquains, Fibonacci-inspired, three-lined poems, and their poetic variations are these structured forms. 
Find DL Mullan's poetry in various tomes.  
Special Editions
Books and events for special occasions. 
Publications, nominations, and other Third-party acknowledgements.

Critical Acclaim from Readers

"Not usually a poetry fan, but someone here recommended I check this book out and I am so glad I did! Wow, you are very good - the poems are intelligent, understandable and yet fantastic! Truly - you are gifted in this arena! My favorites so far... "Upon Reading Edgar Allen Poe and Revenge."

"We write a different style of poetry, but that gives us a market for the world. Anyone that says they 'Just don't like poetry' needs to check out your style and mine because in one of them they are sure to find something they will truly enjoy."

Source: Authonomy

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