Poetry is describing emotions and situations in as few words as possible without harming the meaning or intent of the piece.

Poetry comes in all shapes and sizes, so do chapbooks. Genre, rhymed, or metered, poetry conveys in metaphor what novels can only say in pages. 

This section houses a collection of poetry books with "a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art" as the premise.

Long Form
Multipage poems published as singular works. 


Critical Acclaim from Readers

"Too many poets write to conceal rather than reveal, using private symbols difficult to interpret from the context, possibly out of a deep shyness and even hostility to the reader.

The poems in this collection clearly do not show this vice in their author. They are in a sense public poems, understandable on the surface yet repaying close study with vivid imagery and the possibility of powerful emotional entanglement."

"I am no expert on poetry but I like the use of words and the images they conjure. I definitely heard music whilst reading some of these! Poets are a rare breed."

Source: Authonomy and Authorsden