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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Did It To Myself

So I got a new modem from my cable/internet company. 

I had the windows open. It was a beautiful day. As soon as the air turned cool, I shut the house up and with it the fumes from the new modem.

I wondered why I couldn't breathe, my stomach swelled, my nasal passages hurt, and my hands broke out, cracked and bled. 

When I went into the front part of the house, I smelled that damn modem's "new car" smell. I immediately unplugged the sucker. Still even with two air cleaners, I could not breathe until at least 3am.

The night air is hard on me so I tried airing out the house, but pollen is here and it just made my breathing that much worse. 

The next day I went into my cable stash and good thing I have lots of cables because I used my extensions to put my modem outside the nearest window. I have it on a tv tray stand so the cats cannot do horrible things to it but at least the toxic odor is outside. 

See, I did it to myself.

Still everyone even if they are not sick like me should take note. Toxins and poisons can be in the most innocuous of items. Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, laundry products, air fresheners, perfumes, colognes, personal care products do nothing but add toxins to an already extreme body burden. 

One product may not have a lot of toxins and you shrug off what I'm telling you, but if you were to add up all your products together, you would understand that toxins are accumulative. 

I now use only organic or natural products including my make up. Poisoning yourself is no longer en vogue. Health is.

Oh and store bought cosmetics age the skin, another great reason to go healthy. Organic and natural products rejuvenate the skin. In the long run, you'll end up looking younger. 

Isn't it time you switched over to the winning team?

Have a great and wonderful day! 
Novelist, DL Mullan, has Biotoxin Illness from industrial chemicals, black mold, and pesticides from her former employer. Her office was in the same building as the water treatment plant. Years later after receiving no recompense, she uses natural supplementation, sugarless diet, and detox methods to regain a small quality of life. She may never be whole, or able to work in an office ever again, but with perseverance, Ms. Mullan is beating the odds against a low functioning/collapsed immune system. 

Support her efforts by purchasing her apparel, art, and books.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I spend a fair amount of my time reading, listening to internet radio, and thinking. I think about the future and what it means to me. What can the future hold for a cripple unable to tolerate the outside world?

Then again, who would want to?

Humans have allowed corporations, banks, and government to steal the wealth, prosperity, and health of our race and planet. 

Maybe it's a good thing I am stuck at home or I would be protesting everyday the stupidity of the human condition that has created such corruption. 

It's all humanity's fault too. 

Socioeconomic despair and terrorism has been done on purpose. The poison in the air, water, food, and everything else is also on purpose. Where have we been while this idiocy has transpired? While our children have been uneducated about freedom and their bodies fed toxins?

I wander.

I wander around the internet. I read what is going on in the world. I wonder why 6 billion people are aimless with all the connections being thrown at us on a daily basis.

Are sports and television shows really more important than fixing the broken mechanism of politics in this country? 

I wonder.

I wonder what it is going to take for those who are lost to finally ponder the future and how they can change it for the better? 

Not all who wander are lost...

But it seems all that is lost is because no one bothered to wander out of the fixed opinions, not facts, they are spoonfed on the television by talking heads. People actually believe what they are told from the alphabet news stations is real. The idiotic box repeats only what idiots know. It's a box of deception, for entertainment purposes only... Humanity has forgotten this golden rule.

When are you going to decide to wander outside the box?

The rest of us are waiting for you.

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