Summer Time Seasonal Reads

When summer rolls around, we are ready to sit by the pool with an iced tea. A book is worth all the rays of the sun. Summer is about finding time for yourself, to relax. 

The days are longer. The nights are warm. Summer is the fantasy season of our lives.

Out by the water, what to do? Read with your sunglasses on, of course! 

Here are some of my reads for your reading list:

Crossing Kaitlin 
Kaitlin Lane has made some mistakes in her life, but being a part of an FBI investigation may be the biggest one yet.

Saint in the Big Easy
What happens when you discover the only person who can save you is you?   

Saint in Communion and Saintuary
What's next is anyone's guess.

Saint in the Devil You Know 
What do you do when the devil dances in the pale moonlight?

Articles, Essays, & Research 
A Writer's Guide to Writing
Push the envelope and become great.

Escape into Poetry with this dynamic chapbook about nature's volatility. 

Long Form Poetry
The Rain: Monsoon in the Desert
Deep... emotive... lyrical... epic poem!

Structure Poetry
Three line poetry variations like Haiku, Senryu, and Tanka, as well as non-structured poetry.

Continue to make your writing blossom with these creative workshops. Shape your concepts as well as your writing with lectures, readings, poetry, and literary writing devices.

Special Engagements
Writer's Workshops
Summer Time Writer's Workshop
Round Table: King Arthur's Code of Honor
and Literary Device Writing Exercise 

Summer Time Asian Workshop
Learn this American art form.

Lectures for Writer's Workshop Series

Summer Time Lecture Series II
Literature meets ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Summer Reads and Workshops run June 1st to August 31st.

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