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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Should We Cite Creativity with Mental Illness Labels?

A friend posted an article on Facebook about Highly Creative people being ADHD.  

i am highly creative and could identify with the list of attributes creative people have: not finishing projects, procrastination as a tool,and so on. 

What irked me is that we have labeled a creative process as a Mental Illness.  ADHD has been used to place children on psychotropic drugs, dismiss people, and make creativity a problem instead of an asset. 

With my creative quirks, I have had to learn to plan and budget my time. What gets done, gets done. Play time has to wait until I am done with important chores. I am on and off blogging due to my health problems as well as daily life can sometimes interfere. 

My elderly cat has been ill so giving him medicine, probiotics, and hand feeding him has been the priority over almost everything else for the last two weeks. 

For those people on the high spectrum of the creative pendulum, if we are raised to be self aware and understand how to cope with spurts of creative energy, the lows, and daily life, then we can become a very intuitive, mature inventor of ideas, creations, and life. 

The only reason ADHD was defined was to control creative energy in the classroom and home instead of allowing that energy to positively transform life. Not everyone is created to sit and be still, watch TV, or play video games. 

Some of us are born to change the world, one idea, painting, poem, or story at a time.  

So the next time the authorities want to label something that is perfectly natural, just remember what they do NOT want labeled and call it safe. I rather know what is in my food so I can choose to avoid mad scientist tech corporation syndrome than to label a child or person simply because their process is different.

If we have become too rigid as a society to be effective unless highly creative people are medicated, then we are all in big, big trouble.

Danger, Will Robinson.

So the moral to the story is let kids be kids, within the realm of common sense. Label your food, not your children.

Isn't it our lives anyway? 

Have a great and wonderful day! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lost Cat Equals Lost Mind

My little black, orange, and white calico went missing for a whole day.

I thought she escaped outside. Nope. I looked high and low inside. Still no cat. WTF? Was she interdimensional? 

So after calling her all day and evening and not remembering seeing her anytime in the morning, I was a little more than concerned. I even fed everyone their soft food without her showing up. I was flabbergasted. 

So I watched my usual television shows. One had a very sad ending, but I ended up crying because I could not find my defenseless indoor cat. She was born and raised in my house. She has no other reference. She could easily be hit by a car.  Or worse, she could be eaten by a coyote. 

The desert is fraught with danger. 

Well, crying seems to be the kitty calling card. She came out of her hiding place like nothing happened. I am sure she found some spot to nestle into where my human eyes could not see. 

Anything to make my lose my mind seems to be fair game in my house. 

In writing, our characters can come into similar situations. It is good to note feelings and anxiety in your own life and to be able to transfer them to your characters. So I need a character with a cat that plays hide and go seek like a method actor.

And, I wonder where she learned it from?

Have a great and wonderful day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One of those Days

I hate being chronically ill.

It is like breathing through a straw with bubble gum stuck on the end. There is no way around it. You've been served by mother nature. In my case, work and family added to the complications. 

Still there are some advantages to being dog sick: sleep, more sleep... and well, sleep. 

That also means putting my hopes and aspirations on the back burner. I have to do business first like cooking, cleaning, bills. If I have enough energy at the end of the day, I might get in a television show on my rabbit ears or write a few pages over a weekend.

Right now, I have a headache that wishes to be a migraine. 


Well,  I am off to nurse my poor head.

Have a great and wonderful day.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Little Inspiration

Sometimes when I need to feel something, I turn to my DVD collection.

Want to be in love? Watch Kate and Leopold. Want to feel scared? Watch The First Power. If you want to be motivated as an action hero, then Witchblade should be on tap.

I used to love watching that show. Of course I refuse to watch the second season. The show went from a web of teasers and subplots to episodic nonsense. I wish someone would do as good as version here soon. I need my feminine action hero fix. Rizzoli and Isles just don't cut it for me. 

Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 rocked the slick chick with a chip vibe.

Anyway, when you need a mood for yourself or a character you are writing, being in someone else's universe can be positive. Even music can be a mood enhancer, I know I have some favorites in the CD player.

So a little inspiration can go a long way. Just remember not to get so caught up in the external that the internal creative drive suffers. It's easy to be sucked in by Hollywood.

Now back to Witchblade. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Starving for Italian, Antioxdiants, and Adult Content

I admit it. I love pizza. Sometimes I must know a slice is in the freezer to make my life a little less dull. 

Today for instance: I needed pizza! I was debating about going to the store and purchasing something healthy. I didn't want to go. I didn't want to mess with a cab. I didn't want to mess with high school kids. I didn't want to mess with people getting off work. 

So I broke down. I order some pizza online at my favorite spot. My order arrived in record time... it was a slow afternoon. Good! I was really, really hungry.

To round off the fatfest, I wish Starbucks delivered too! hahaha!!! 

But this small order should get me through today and the weekend. I have chores to do and sometimes I forget to plan ahead (thank you, brain inflammation) and I almost starve to death. 

Luckily for me, I can keep my bill around $20 so I still have some emergency funds until the beginning of the next month. Here I was saving for a new pan... oh, well, hungry comes first before other necessities. I hate when my body goes into wasting mode, drops my sugar, and I have to suck on a soda or candy to level out so I can make something to eat. 

I have diabetics on both sides of my family. I don't think my shakes are 100% sugar related. I think my issue is with the need for amino acids and protein. Just in case, I have taken out 90% of sweets, except for my cocoa mocha (unsweentened cocoa and a dash of international coffee) with some agave flavoring in the mornings. Sometimes evenings too! 

Unsweetened chocolate is a great source of antioxidants. If I don't supply my body with chocolate, I will literally go hunting for it around the house or buy candy I do not need at the store. So I fix the fix everyday.

A great way to keep cravings in check. That is not to say have a Starbucks everyday. The little things matter more than the trendy. 

Now I'm tired. Full. Relaxed and ready to watch Vampires Diaries. Yes, I know, I'm too old for the drama, but luckily I have no one to make me feel guilty about my viewing habits. That's what happens when you don't have cable. Oh, and I watch Lost Girl too! hahaha! Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the undersexed adult population. Can you say: soft porn on Netflix with a sword? ;) 

Don't worry, I'm not into programs for the sexual content. I could really care less. I like quirky characters and different storylines. Anything to get my imagination flowing again so I can begin my own writing full time, well full awake time between chores and naps.

Well it's that time again when I bid you adieu. Good night! 

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