Fiction encompasses many different genres and subgenres. Stories published by this author include juvenile to adult literature. 

Long Fiction
Horror, crime, drama, romance, supernatural and the paranormal are apart of this collection.

Short Fiction
Mico-, Flash- fiction and even short stories are combined here.


Critical Acclaim from Readers

"I am . . . slightly at a loss for words . . . thank you for this story and kudos to you for weaving this delicate web! I like how you let the reader decide which choice Marcus will make and thus let the reader think about his own circles in which (s)he threads."

"A very well written story that I would recommend to anyone. The Philosophical aspects are quite insightful and unique. Looking forward to reading more from you. :)"

"This is a beautifully, well crafted story. It's extremely creative and quite philosophical in nature. I added you to my favorite author's list and look forward to reading other B5 stories by you."