Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Coordinated Look for Special Engagements Seasonal Workshops

Undawnted needed to coordinate the lecture, poetry, and writer's workshops with the Seasonal Reads program. 

So I went through old book cover designs that were created but have not been put into use. I chose a design from an earlier Hode mockup and then I combined that with my Seasonal Reads images. 
The end products are uniform as well as different for each season. Green and a shamrock for Spring Dreams. Purple and a hummingbird for Summer Time. Orange and a pumpkin wreath for Autumn Cider. Red and a snowman for Winter Frost. 

Each workshop will be linked back to the season it is listed under.
This visualization will keep workshops straight as more and more lectures, poems, and writing workshops are published.

When workshops are then codified into separate mini-course certificates, then there will be no confusion on what course fits into which program. 

So I hope you enjoy the cover designs as well as the workshop series I have created. 

Have a great and wonderful day.