Gossamer Square

Stand Alone Book

Set in London, late nineteenth century, Emily Carrington returns to her hometown to attend her aunt's funeral. In the days to follow, she reacquaints herself with the city, old friends, and society.

Soon old and new clash as love and family collide when an ancient casket reveals a darker side to her friend, Daniel Goodrich, and a bizarre spiritual technology best left to the grave. 

How can you refuse the other side?


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Critical Acclaim from Readers

"I could HEAR the conversation, imagine the environs, so kudos to you in that regards."

"A sure-fire winner. Atmosphere, setting, the whole ambience is what so many readers are looking for. It's excellently written but commercial too."

"I think you gave a good rendering of the period, good descriptions and believable dialogue for the times and I thought Emily Carrington a sympathetic MC. Your plot is a charming one, and I did get a sense of Wilde and Austen here, which actually caught my attention when I read your pitches and made me turn the pages initially."

"I love historical fiction and this is no exception. The opening of the funeral is sad but your writing almost elevates it. It is wonderful with excellent descriptions. I liked the way the uncle wore his best tie and your descriptions of her dress hitting her legs and not being a good sheild to the weather. Wonderful to read and transported me straight back to Austen time."

"I am quite smitten by this-- yours is another fine example of the all-too-rare sort of book on Autho... one that slowly unfolds and draws us into its world instead of forcing our faces straight into the action in a heated rush."

Source: Authonomy

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