Undawnted Pages

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Up All Night, Slumber Party Optional

Can't believe I got my hours turned around. 

It's up all night and I'm alone doing so. Maybe if I can stay up long enough and take cat naps throughout the day, I can get back to normalcy. 

I guess my body is ready for summertime hours. 

The trouble is that summer doesn't start for another 90 or so days! As soon as my butt sizzles at 10am, then I must turn it around where 10pm become 10am. It's a little wacky but then I don't have to worry about too much. 

I keep an eye on my neighborhood and all is peaceful.

So I guess I better get up early and begin my rounds. The outside of my house looks like a horror film yard with all the weeds. The shovel it is!

Right after I take this short nap... zzzz!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bedtime Boredom

Ever feel like going to bed is the most boring thing you could possibly do?

I completely understand. It's not like this diva is getting any action. My bed is full of great and soft cuddly blankets, flannel sheets, and a stack of pillows. 

My decor is nice but when you have to see it 18 hours a day, it reeks hospital room real quick like. 

I guess I should vacuum and dust so it doesn't look like lazy denizen. I haven't been feeling well. A few nights I could not breathe in a relaxed manner so I ended up turning my time schedule around. Now going to sleep at 3 and 4am is natural.

I am a night owl, especially when I write. The body however needs to adhere to specific time frames. The liver heals itself at night while you sleep. It can start it's cycle as early at 11pm. Well, I've blown that out of the water of late.

So, I need to get a few hours sleep, wake up at an acceptable time, and make up for the sleeplessness with a few extra naps. 

Which brings me back to boredom in bed, is there a cure for the chronic illness blues? 

Have a great and wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Whistling Dixie and a Petrie Dish

Can you whistle?

I can. I can whistle very well. That got me curious... what percentage of people can whistle?

I saw no scientific studies. One answer though said 22% of people can whistle. Another person mentioned 66%. 

Hmmm... interesting. 

Maybe we should do a study to see if whistling is a recessive behavior connected to a certain gene combination.

It would be an educational experience. Perhaps an American Idol audition for whistlers. See who can whistle the best tune. 

It was funny for me to whistle this evening. I didn't think I could any more with the inflammation and brain drain. My cats were looking all over for that bird that mysteriously entered the house while they were sleeping.

It took some coaxing for them to realize it was me making the noise. Although, some of the kittens looked as if I was pulling a fast one on them and that bird was around somewhere.

Poor kitties, not everything is as it seems. Your human maybe genetically predispositioned to whistle. Just like her genetics harm her ability to detox crap in the environment.

Oh well, I guess what this human needs to do is go around her genetics and find another way of dealing with our toxic world one whistle at a time. 

Good night!

Monday, February 17, 2014

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

It seems now when I actively pursue the truth, the truth in the form of facts finds me.

A very strange occurrence, but I have seen this happen before with other people. Ever since I have been on the loose looking for information, I have been amazed at what I have found. 

Before I collapsed with pesticide poisoning, I was on the search for truth and facts. Many details came to me then. However, now it seems that more people have gotten websites and blogs to link ideas together. 

For a knowledge seeker and journalist, I am so grateful. It's like getting your cake and eating it too. 

I am excited every time I do a search to see what will come to me.

It's like being psychic/medium all over again. Yeah, that's been happening too. I have been writing and searching things to see if I could put something together and make it happen. Then I find out, someone else had the same idea and is doing it. 

Absolutely amazing. 

I hope that what I am referring to comes out soon. I'm hoping by mid-March so I don't have to play word games anymore. All I will give you is the title of a book I wanted to write with presented facts about the last thirteen years in America called: The Case for Hague. 

I'll let you do your own intuiting from there.

I can't wait to see what happens in the meantime. I really hope this plan comes together.

Just Laughing at Myself

It could be worse, I tell myself.

Then I look at the world around me and think: nah, this situation is totally out of control.

It's difficult to sit back and do nothing. Since I have a disability that precludes me in participating in life in general, I have to discover how to change the world but still keep my sense of humor. 

It's difficult.

I'm glad I have my other blogs. One I get to be the objective observer. The other I get to be as humorous, sarcastic, and brash as I want to be. I come back here to see the world through the glasses of a temperate personality.

All are aspects of myself. Although, I do love to be humorous, it's my style. I enjoy making people laugh as well as see a different perspective. 

Today, I want everyone to find humor in serious situations they find themselves in. if you can lift your spirits and the energy around you, then you can begin to make the changes in your life that you want to see. 

Higher vibrations lead us out of our problems. 

So have a great and humorous day. I think I'm going to put on my Lewis Black and Jeff Dunham DVDs so I too can see the forest through the trees.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wants, Dreams, and Precious Stones

Most of this weekend I spent in bed. 

I guess I really did too much housework the other day. Hopefully, I can do dishes and vacuum tomorrow. I want to try and keep a schedule on cleaning tasks. 

I'm trying to stay inside when the geoengineering planes are out. They were again today. They flew in the clouds. I could see how the clouds collapsed after a while. 

It makes me so sad. I love weather. I love watching the fat clouds jaunt by in search of other clouds. I like watching storms form and how the rain splatters before it deluges. I miss the natural makings of my desert sky and climate. 

The sunset colors have changed. Orange is more pronounced instead of the delicate rose tints infused with citrines, sapphires, and rubies. How the imagination swirled with the coming of the stars. 

I wish to dream again. Dream in the colors I grew up with. Dream of sunsets and sunrises that shined and awoke the birds. 

I want to be outside, free and fully. I don't want to be afraid of uvc light. I don't want a sunburn at 74 degrees. I want to play. 

Shouldn't we all want to dream in the colors of precious stones? To see how the Earth wears hers at dusk and dawn? I do. Mother Earth should be able to wear her crown jewels any time she likes... 

One day, I hope that she can trade in the laboratory created gems of chemical death for those precious dreams in colors that feed our imaginations.