Saturday, February 15, 2014

Over Exposed and No Date to Blame It On

You know when you take a picture and the lighting is all off. You are either too white, too yellow, or too orange? I kind of feel that way today.

I noticed that I needed to let off some steam. 

I can't really do it here or at the Gazette, so I began another blog: Radio Active Dawn. I might even do a few podcasts with my strange sense of humor about the coming apocalypse. Now I feel like Buffy the Vampire Slayer remixed. 

I was in bed with a headache most of the morning. I've had too much pinned up energy and angst. I really freaked myself out with the geoengineering information. I hate when that happens.

With my broken central nervous system it is easy to do. I have to remember to remain calm and bring people the news. I am human and I tend to get absorbed by the bad news. I've got to remember that I am doing positive and good in the world by reporting on this information and not allowing it to remain hidden where nefarious deeds are more easily accomplished. 

Now, if I could only send the elite the bill for my emotional turmoil. It is after all their fault the world is going to hell. Psychos. Here my family thought I was one. hahaha! 

Nope. A critical medical condition that makes you weak and disoriented isn't a psychotic break. Using everyone in the world as a lab rat while you systematically destroy the world is psychotic. 

I'm so glad I can tell the difference. 

Have a great weekend and be sure to visit my other links! 

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