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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Becoming Fearless by Appropriate Preparation and Defeating Overreaction

This blog and my writing is about taking creativity to a whole new level with courage to be different. 

I am disabled due to illness. My body -thanks to others including my former employer- overexposed me to pesticides and black mold to the point where my body cannot end the cycle called: biotoxin illness on its own. Basically, my own body attacks and poisons itself. 

I have terrible inflammation. Inflammation that has injured my brain function. So being Undawnted, becoming Fearless was to help me overcome the challenges of an illness that at any moment could stop my heart, inflame my lungs, or shut down any one of my organs. I had to find the courage to move forward knowing I have no control to stop any of it. 

I have dizzy spells/vertigo now. My balance sucks. I cannot maintain equilibrium for too long when I stand or walk. So in mid-January I messed up my right foot in a most severe way. I am still wrapping my foot in an ace bandage while in bed to write this piece this morning. Then I caught a virus, which I have burned a fever on and off since February 22nd. It has been real fun around here not knowing how to feed or clean myself because Medicare affords me no medical help and my Medicare doctor does not take my real and treatable illness seriously so I have no home assistance, no oxygen, and no prescriptions for my hundreds of dollars in supplementation I take a month. I cannot take most prescription medications because my liver cannot handle them.  

So I have to live fearless or I would not be able to write, or well, do anything positive and proactive.

Insert recent current events, people have given into their darkest fears and have wallowed in it for all the world to see. Really? You need how much toilet paper? 

I have a biology minor and other sciences in my background and experience. For a virus, you don't need 35 years worth of toilet paper. You are allowing your fear to conquer you. 

I was doing some research about being creatively fearless when I ran into this 2015 Psychology Today article: 7 Ways 'Fearless' People Conquer Fear with the caveat: They overprepare but they don't overreact.

So what are you doing during this medical crisis? Have you succumbed to your flight or fight by actually fighting over toilet paper? 

If you want control over an uncontrolled situation, you must first conquer your own fear of the unknown. In the creative writing world, we brainstorm. We sit down and write out without editing ourselves what the topic means to us. If we are developing a character or a plot line, we list every aspect that comes to mind. That is what you can do about your fear. 

Writing exercise: write out your worst fears. Then compare your list to reality. Do they match up? Or, are you over-hyping your fears' importance? 

In reality, COVID-19 can be defeated if people would voluntarily shelter in place for 60 days around the world, all at the same time. That would mean criminals and other knuckle heads would have to take a two month vacation. World leaders would have to set the example by being the adults we need and not the selfish bastards they act like everyday. 

You know who I am talking about. 

No one is going to do that because the human race has allowed our society and culture as a whole to spiral down into the me, me, me state of psychological immaturity. 

So according to the Psychology Today article, how can our human family face the challenges that lie ahead?
  • Respect Fear
  • Understand the Mechanics of Fear Itself
  • Understand Your Own Fear Triggers
  • Build Confidence Where Fear Lies
  • Prepare Without Overreacting
  • Be Adults Despite What Fear Wants
  • Ask For Help If You Become Overwhelmed
Fear should never dictate your actions. 

That is how you become FEARLESS. 

Have a great and wonderful day.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Looking Ahead to 2019

There are still housekeeping items to get through before the new year. 

Still 2019 looms. What should I focus on? Poetry? Recipes? Fiction? I am still debating. 

This year was complicated by technical issues. I fixed the problems. The site is up and running again, but I feel out of my rhythm.  That doesn't help. 

So I guess 2019 is when I get my groove back?

I am searching inside myself for that next character I will fall in love with and want to write about. Funny thing about love. She loves me; she loves me knot. 

Maybe I it is not a character I need to fall in love with, perhaps it is taking the time to fall back in love with myself. 

That is where all the creativity springs from and this year has been rougher than others in the recent past. Hope. Friendship. Fear. Betrayal. Loss. Wunderlust. 

Life is stranger than fiction... mine seems to write itself. 

What are your plans for 2019?


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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dreams as Inspiration

As a writer, when I have a strange dream, I like to mull it over for awhile to see what inspiration I can glean from it. 

Have you ever been chased in your dreams? Have you walked through a park? Benn to a haunted house? Or, befriended a vampire, werewolf, or other supernatural creature? 

Dreams are so fun to work with. They give us a window in which to peer into our subconscious hopes and fears. So dreams, even nightmares, have the ability to inspire us to create art, or write poetry. 

I like to keep notebooks by my bed in order for me to take notes when needs be.

Has one of your dreams ever inspired you? 

Have a great and wonderful day.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Not Another Sick Day with Sick Skies

I'm home. I'm in and out of bed. I am sore.

I did way too much yesterday, but hey, the house looks pretty good! I don't. 

That's okay with all the chemical lines in the skies and smelly clouds, I don't belong outside or doing any type of exercise. I'm better off taking it easy today. Tomorrow, we'll see. 

Being so sick that it has disabled me for life makes me fluent in many areas of study: medicine, chemistry, naturopathy, homeopathy, and environmentalism. Obviously, I am not licensed because I am unable to go to school, but I know enough to understand what is happening to me and in the world around me. 

That, and I'm just smart... on the days I can be. ;) 

So when I say I am concerned about something, it's usually more than that. I am really scared and I'm not sure what I can do about it. If I run around screaming the sky is falling, the sky is falling... well, no one is going to listen to me, are they?

I know some people have already rolled their eyes about my lines in the sky topic, which are toxic chemicals eating away at our ozone and releasing methane gas from the Antarctic ice sheets creating a real life doomsday scenario.

But you can't say anything or you are a crazy person. 

I am part science and part art. I understand well enough that Earth is in trouble and no one seems to be doing anything about it but making the problem worse. Spraying chemicals in the atmosphere is making whatever the government is afraid of much, much worse.

This direct assault on the world impacts me. Since Phoenix has been under a non-stop spraying directive for the past 6 to 8 weeks, I haven't been breathing too well. I'm not alone in this reaction. Normal people in all of the western world are dying of heart failure, respiratory diseases, immune reactions, and liver/renal failure. So, it's just not me.

What to do? Stand up. When you see the lines in the sky, say something, to anyone. I do. I ask what the hell that's for and what I found out when I looked it up on the internet, which is all true. It's not safe anywhere on the planet because somewhere in our government someone though this spraying was a good idea. 

Not by a long shot.

I may not have all these degrees, but I have common sense. Messing with Mother Earth is not smart, and it's not any government's right. 

So if you get a chance to read some of my articles on the VDP Gazette, make sure you watch the lecture by Dane Wigington. Then you will understand why I am so concerned... i.e., frightened as hell.

Because if the government is trying everything to lock us down, create a police state, and build bunkers and underground shelters for themselves... it would be because they know it's coming down, it's their fault, and we're going to start after the culprits.

So have a great Valentine's Day and remember knowledge is power and positivity. You can't be an awesome person without the facts.

Have a great and wonderful day.

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