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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Say Goodbye to Spring Dreams on Undawnted

Seasons change.

Undawnted divides up the year into our seasonal reads program. Our program follows the meteorological transitions of our planet. With spring closing out and summer beginning, we are heading into the fun time of the year with outdoor activities and get togethers.

Here, if you would like one last look at our Spring Dreams collection.

June 1st, Summer Time kicks off the season with summer-themed creations until August 31st. Become your own hero with Undawnted’s Call to Adventure with our activities, publications, and parties. Our most active season is about to launch!

Are you ready?

We are, and we would love for you to join us and explore our world of imagination.

Learn. Grow. Master… with Undawnted’s Summer Time Seasonal Reads Program.

It’s your Call to Adventure!


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Monday, June 21, 2021

The Hero's Journey: First Day of Summer (Solstice) is Your Call to Adventure

Today is the longest day of the calendar year (14 hours and 22 minutes in the Sonoran Desert) and on the cyclical hero's journey, the Summer Solstice is the threshold into a wider world.  

Summer is about energy and movement. We are energized by the sun's power, heat, and majesty- our mere mortal's Supernatural Aid. We are thrust into action: pool activities, sports, and whatever we can do to soak up all that Vitamin D. 

We go from the Known World into an Unknown World. Summer is where our adventures lie away from work and school with vacations and hiking. Summer Solstice on June 21st this year is the day our new Call to Adventure begins. 

The human condition is about achieving our own personal goals in the Hero's Journey of the story of our lives. What tests, trials, and temptations have you overcome? Are still overcoming? 

That is your story. The story of the individual. The individual is the ultimate minority. No one else has a story like yours.

So we honor this cycle in our oral traditions and written histories. We also write about the Hero's Journey in our poetry and novels. Creative writing has become the vehicle for which we celebrate our growth as a person from childhood to adulthood.

Join Undawnted this season: Summer Time in our Special Engagements as well as Seasonal Reads program to explore the initiation into the Hero's Journey.

Have a great and wonderful journey.



Friday, November 25, 2016

Just Leaving It Hanging

A fellow writer had brought up the subject of using cliffhangers for novel endings. 

My response was to use cliffhangers if you are going to answer the question in the next book of a series, but if you only write one book, then make sure to resolve everything by the end. 

My stories are not long as a full length novel. I write shorter novels, but not less complex ones. 

I make sure there are subplots and character developments. In the end the stories are completed and the reader feels they have taken a journey with my protagonists. Yet, to spur on interest for the next book, I give a little taste of what is to come... with a cliffhanger in some, but not all cases. 

Someone reacted indignant to this use of cliffhangers as disrespect to readers and to yourself as a writer. I do not agree. If you have everything pretty much sewn up and there is a last minute act or realization, then the reader can decide if the next book will be for them or not. 

I am upfront that I am writing a book series, not a stand along book. So the reader has to expect something to cross over into the next story line. Or why would it be a book series? 

So In the Name of Blood had the main character, Riley Austen, have an epiphany at the end of the book... to be carried on in Book II. Will this series go to Book III? I am letting the characters decide. Many times the characters also decide the end of the novel. Riley sure did. That ending even surprised me!

With Nocturnal Redemption, I can go either way: a clear cut ending or a cliffhanger... 

As writers, should we not tease our readers a bit? 

Have a great and wonderful day! 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

In the Name of Blood Trial by Fire Ending

Want something to get you into the mood... for Halloween? 

In the Name of Blood is still available for free until 11:59pm on Halloween! Action, suspense... of a crime drama. So it's not your typical vampire novel.

Riley needs a life makeover but when she crosses into the supernatural, she realizes her boring life may not have been so terrible after all.

Have a fright filled night!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bedtime Boredom

Ever feel like going to bed is the most boring thing you could possibly do?

I completely understand. It's not like this diva is getting any action. My bed is full of great and soft cuddly blankets, flannel sheets, and a stack of pillows. 

My decor is nice but when you have to see it 18 hours a day, it reeks hospital room real quick like. 

I guess I should vacuum and dust so it doesn't look like lazy denizen. I haven't been feeling well. A few nights I could not breathe in a relaxed manner so I ended up turning my time schedule around. Now going to sleep at 3 and 4am is natural.

I am a night owl, especially when I write. The body however needs to adhere to specific time frames. The liver heals itself at night while you sleep. It can start it's cycle as early at 11pm. Well, I've blown that out of the water of late.

So, I need to get a few hours sleep, wake up at an acceptable time, and make up for the sleeplessness with a few extra naps. 

Which brings me back to boredom in bed, is there a cure for the chronic illness blues? 

Have a great and wonderful day!

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