Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Whistling Dixie and a Petrie Dish

Can you whistle?

I can. I can whistle very well. That got me curious... what percentage of people can whistle?

I saw no scientific studies. One answer though said 22% of people can whistle. Another person mentioned 66%. 

Hmmm... interesting. 

Maybe we should do a study to see if whistling is a recessive behavior connected to a certain gene combination.

It would be an educational experience. Perhaps an American Idol audition for whistlers. See who can whistle the best tune. 

It was funny for me to whistle this evening. I didn't think I could any more with the inflammation and brain drain. My cats were looking all over for that bird that mysteriously entered the house while they were sleeping.

It took some coaxing for them to realize it was me making the noise. Although, some of the kittens looked as if I was pulling a fast one on them and that bird was around somewhere.

Poor kitties, not everything is as it seems. Your human maybe genetically predispositioned to whistle. Just like her genetics harm her ability to detox crap in the environment.

Oh well, I guess what this human needs to do is go around her genetics and find another way of dealing with our toxic world one whistle at a time. 

Good night!

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