Monday, February 17, 2014

Just Laughing at Myself

It could be worse, I tell myself.

Then I look at the world around me and think: nah, this situation is totally out of control.

It's difficult to sit back and do nothing. Since I have a disability that precludes me in participating in life in general, I have to discover how to change the world but still keep my sense of humor. 

It's difficult.

I'm glad I have my other blogs. One I get to be the objective observer. The other I get to be as humorous, sarcastic, and brash as I want to be. I come back here to see the world through the glasses of a temperate personality.

All are aspects of myself. Although, I do love to be humorous, it's my style. I enjoy making people laugh as well as see a different perspective. 

Today, I want everyone to find humor in serious situations they find themselves in. if you can lift your spirits and the energy around you, then you can begin to make the changes in your life that you want to see. 

Higher vibrations lead us out of our problems. 

So have a great and humorous day. I think I'm going to put on my Lewis Black and Jeff Dunham DVDs so I too can see the forest through the trees.