Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Check Out Our New Nonfiction Page

Do you like science or history or literature or the paranormal? 

Our Nonfiction page has something for everyone! Undawnted is excited to present these categories from which I will be publishing booklets and books under these topics. 

With a new publication nearly every month of the year, Undawnted is going to replace our old Writing Portfolio with these PDFs and/or EPUBs. 

We already have made good by publishing the essay about Environmental Illness called Gaslighting and the Environmental Illness Patient in a series dedicated to helping the chronically ill with their newfound circumstances. 

I hope you enjoy all the hard work to make these new possibilities, well, possible! 


Upcoming this month!  Uncommon Knowledge.

We get all spooky for this autumn with Haunted Arizona
Don't forget our chapbook: The Descent too!  

Check out our Schedule page for more publications slated for release this 2016 Calendar season... 

Have a great and wonderful day!!! 

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