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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Marketing: The Language of Symbols

I have been assisting others lately develop their marketing strategies from blogs, websites to book covers. In reality, what I am doing is helping develop an author's language of symbols. The letters and words I am typing now are in fact symbols.

Did you know the letter "a" is the symbol for an ox? 

Humans are hardwired to understand and translate the abstract language of symbols to convey information in a short amount of time. It is an efficient system, but also one that can be used for negative purposes. Go to any corporations website and translate their symbols, or marketing logos. What does that corporation tell you without saying a word? Then you will understand the language of silent hypocrisy.

As artists and writers, we use symbols to tell stories. When it comes to brand creation, most artists and writers cannot translate themselves into a marketing strategy. That is where I usually find myself: in between the creator and true genesis. 

So how do artists and writers step out of the shadows to show their readership/audience in symbols what they and their products are all about? 

Writing about Marketing today! 
The Undawnted logo is a great example. It has a Saturn motif. Saturn is the old bearded man that likes structure. Yet, if one takes a closer look, I have shadows in the eye of the storm. I like the paranormal so I threw that symbolism in there, but I also like science and science fiction. So the swirl is indicative of a galaxy spinning around a galactic center of beings and perhaps an Einstein Rosenbridge. The rings could be of a Saturn like planet, but in this case, the rings symbolize the expansion of creativity and consciousness across the universe. 

So look how much I said in that logo for Undawnted: Imagination is Fearless, after all. 

There are some unwritten rules about blogs and websites that many artists and authors shove to the side, so I will help translate those items:
  • keep it simple
  • only have 2 to 3 clicks to anywhere on your site
  • declutter, you don't have to put everything in the menus when a link will do
  • white space is golden
  • be conservative
When I explain these items, I get blown off. If I go to sites of artists and authors with their Twitter and social media feeds on the side, that is too much input for me. As your audience, I am looking for YOU... not your feeds. I could care less. 

I want access to your writings or your art pieces. And, I want them as soon as I click onto your site. So take down all the noise and replace the noise with a link. 

A blog/website comes down to what you want me to know... in the first five seconds I am there. Are you trying sell me your Twitter feed or your book/art? 

Symbolism takes a hen peck approach. If your main focus is to sell me your works, then don't sell me the secondaries of Twitter and social media. Prioritize. 

If you write and sell writing services... get two different blogs or sites. You can interweave and link to create a support mechanism for both your inventions. I began with art and writing on this site. When I focused on what Undawnted was all about, I moved the art off and created: Sonoran Dawn Studios. Bingo! 

Now if someone needs design and publishing services, that person goes to 

If someone wants to read something unique from every topic under the sun, that person comes to Undawnted. 


Always keep it simple. You don't want your blog, website, or logo to look like a Jackson Pollock painting. You want to look like Da Vinci: with style, grace, and purpose. 

I hope I have explained this topic well. 

When you endeavor on a path of marketing, be sure to visit other artists and authors' websites. See what they have done to market themselves to a wider audience. Have a list of what you like and what you don't like. 

Then sketch out what you want then find someone like me to help you translate your world to the universe of readers and connoisseurs of your unique art form. 

If you can do it yourself, even better. I encourage artists and writers to learn other modalities so they are less inclined to pay for services they don't need or want. Services should be there to enhance what you already have, not leave you penniless. 

So do some basic research. Learn what a great marketing strategy is. Ask for help. Get only the services you require. 

Sounds easy, but takes a lot of work!

Have a great and wonderful day!!!  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Life and the Living Equation

Sometimes there are reasons for things to be the way they are. You can like it or you can hate it, but in the end you are where you are in your life. I am a disabled philosopher, writer, researcher, and journalist, all from the comfort of my disheveled bed.

Then something happens and boom! you're like: what the hell just happened?

Yesterday and today have been those types of days. I got sent a youtube video confirming geoengineering by a former air force officer, then I received another link to a former World Bank lawyer that confirms not only what I had already discovered for myself, but a lot more than I have ever hoped would be confirmed by a whistleblower... especially one with a Yale law degree.

Feeling validated and a bit unnerved when I watched as the derogatory term: conspiracy theorist, finally died.

It's amazing when you tell people the truth and they dismiss you as crazy or a liar. Sorry, but I am none of those negative things. I am bright, investigative, and fun loving. Nothing in my repertoire yells: freak! 

Maybe: cat lady... but not deranged. 

Here's the article I wrote that is a life changer:  If You Want Answers: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I have seen on my google +'s people think that I am writing another cat or chocolate or pizza piece and give me a +like, which I am grateful for. Then when they read on to see my calls for action or revealing a great mystery or truth, that plus 1 magically disappears. 

Truth, facts are not negative. Even when I am being a total bitch about them. Still not negative because reality is in our faces and we have to deal with it.

Avoiding reality, facts, or the truth and calls for action... no matter what lotus position or meditative state you are in, is negative. You cannot change the world for the better isolated in a room chanting. It's just not doable.

So the next time you see my blog post and believe I am all fluff and no substance... you definitely haven't been keeping up on the world around us. 

Stay turned. Stay informed and rock on...

To view more of my writing please be sure to visit the Villa de Paz Gazette everyday. I have articles, reviews, independent news, movies and documentaries I share. As always, if you like something I write please be sure to google+ or share me on Twitter or Facebook. 

Thank you for your support and positive energy!!!

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