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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Random Acts of Kindness

It's been awhile. Karma and me have been on the outs. I don't speak to her and she definitely doesn't speak to me.

I have felt alone in this universe for a very long time. That makes a person feel older than s/he really is. I feel a ton of weight on my shoulders most of the time. A weight that too makes me feel old.

Crotchety. Crusty. Crumplily. 

What's a girl going to do? Buy something meaningless to make her feel better for a moment in time? Our consumer driven society has not yielded us girls a moment of satisfaction. We keep looking outwardly for inward solutions to our needs. 

So this weekend I found two souls who very much needed some help. One with a book cover and event. The other with just a book cover. 

Luckily, these two souls were very gracious to my abrupt entrance into their lives and taking over like i do! Yet, Karma will have her way. These two were due for some good Karma and I was due to create some Random Acts of Kindness. 

The feeling of helping someone else out and from the accomplishment is more than any currency can afford me. Not that a disabled person has any currency after the bills are paid, anyway. Still I feel better. I think those two souls feel better as well.

So Karma, it is nice every once and awhile that you are far from the bitch we all believe you to be. The funny thing is that WE can create all the good Karma for others and ourselves if we just take a moment to step outside our comfort zone and lend a helping hand to someone else without any asking for a reward. 

Maybe someday, Karma, you will shine down on me with a little good luck. 

And, we can all use a little of that in our lives. So the next time you feel down about something, go out and be a good person to someone else. The act will not only lift that person's spirits but yours as well. 

A Random Act of Kindness is a prescription we should all take as much as possible.

Have a great and wonderful day!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Tribute to Prince

With our visual, digital society artists and musicians have an opportunity to capture our imagination. Prince was one of the very few that not only enticed us, he had the talents to back up his abilities. 

He wrote music for himself and others. He used his star power to support and expose new female artists to a larger stage. He was a community man, always giving back. 

So thank you for the memories, Prince.

I grew up with your music and I am grateful for it. You had a unique view of the world. Not many artists can paint the world purple, but you did. 

Have a nice rest and I will see you, when I see you. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Whistling Dixie and a Petrie Dish

Can you whistle?

I can. I can whistle very well. That got me curious... what percentage of people can whistle?

I saw no scientific studies. One answer though said 22% of people can whistle. Another person mentioned 66%. 

Hmmm... interesting. 

Maybe we should do a study to see if whistling is a recessive behavior connected to a certain gene combination.

It would be an educational experience. Perhaps an American Idol audition for whistlers. See who can whistle the best tune. 

It was funny for me to whistle this evening. I didn't think I could any more with the inflammation and brain drain. My cats were looking all over for that bird that mysteriously entered the house while they were sleeping.

It took some coaxing for them to realize it was me making the noise. Although, some of the kittens looked as if I was pulling a fast one on them and that bird was around somewhere.

Poor kitties, not everything is as it seems. Your human maybe genetically predispositioned to whistle. Just like her genetics harm her ability to detox crap in the environment.

Oh well, I guess what this human needs to do is go around her genetics and find another way of dealing with our toxic world one whistle at a time. 

Good night!

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