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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gaslighting Book Receives Heartwarming Support

Undawnted wanted to send out more appreciation today this time for our first book: Gaslighting and the Environmental Illness Patient. 

It has been so heartwarming to see all the support.

If you have not downloaded your free copy, then do so here with this Author's Spotlight link. 

If you liked our first book, then please leave us some positive feedback for others.

Thank you!

Have a great and wonderful weekend!

Thank You for Visiting!

Wow! I guess publishing books and booklets is like having a magnet for readers!

Undawnted appreciates your readership!

Thank you!

Busy Little Bee

Well I don't know how I am going to top yesterday's blog post: marijuana is a hot topic! Smoking hot topic? 

I was busy again... building a new website: Visual Studios Productions. Now you can see the artistic arm of this organization as I plow ahead. Nothing lost here. 

Also we have all our book/booklet projects green lighted. That is very exciting. I have to finish up two different books this month. One for a June 20 publication date and one for July 19. (see our Schedule page.)

It is nice to finally get some writing into the public sphere again. I am as eager to open a dialogue on fronts that are taboo and/or button pushers. I believe that if we get passed talking points and religion, we can sit down and make calm, rational decisions about the topics of the day. 

So I hope my take on subjects helps move our individual and national conversation forward. 

Have a great and wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Added a New Book to Social Constructs

Society is a complex human creation. 

Sometimes society is positive. Sometimes it is negative. Most of the time society exists between these two dichotomies. 

In our new booklet: Marijuana Legalization, Rights of Others, and Solving Health Issues with Nutrition, we discuss the issues of rights, health, and nutrition.  

When it comes down to it, is marijuana a cure-all, or a symptom helper?  Does getting high mask nutritional deficiencies that could be corrected if the user would take responsibility instead of wasting time being intoxicated?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Check Out Our New Nonfiction Page

Do you like science or history or literature or the paranormal? 

Our Nonfiction page has something for everyone! Undawnted is excited to present these categories from which I will be publishing booklets and books under these topics. 

With a new publication nearly every month of the year, Undawnted is going to replace our old Writing Portfolio with these PDFs and/or EPUBs. 

We already have made good by publishing the essay about Environmental Illness called Gaslighting and the Environmental Illness Patient in a series dedicated to helping the chronically ill with their newfound circumstances. 

I hope you enjoy all the hard work to make these new possibilities, well, possible! 


Upcoming this month!  Uncommon Knowledge.

We get all spooky for this autumn with Haunted Arizona
Don't forget our chapbook: The Descent too!  

Check out our Schedule page for more publications slated for release this 2016 Calendar season... 

Have a great and wonderful day!!! 

To Be or... Just Give Us a Minute

While the Sonoran Desert hit 115 degrees this past weekend, I have been busy inside.

I organized within sections, especially the Nonfiction page. Now Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry have the same flow to them. Choose a link and go to a page with an original book cover and description.

I removed the Writing Portfolios and other sample poetry and writings. Those items will be placed in their own chapbooks instead. It may take awhile before these poems and stories are available again, but they will be in a cleaner, nicer form.

So don't fret!

Undawnted is dedicated to artistic expression through reading, writing, and publication.

See our Schedule of publications on the Sonoran Dawn Studios website. We have many, many new and exciting books coming your way. Most of these publications are FREE. Some for a limited time so make sure to download your favorites when they are re-available!

Thank you!

Have a great and wonderful day!