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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Exciting! Autumn Cider 2021 Begins Today for Undawnted's Seasonal Reads Program

As the evenings turn cool, fire pits are decorated with people cooking marshmallows and wearing sweaters.

The holidays are close at hand. First, we get to enjoy the descending darkness into longer nights. We get costumes and candy... and fireside stories from beyond.

How do you get your fall fill? Well, read, of course!

Here are some of my reads for your reading list:

In the Name of Blood: Vampires are Relative
Novel about the supernatural ties that link people between the ages. 

In the Name of Blood: Vampires are Reactive
Novel about the supernatural ties that link people between the ages. 

In the Name of Blood: Vampires are Restorative
Novel about the supernatural ties that link people between the ages.

Is the life you have really your own? Walk-ins are unwelcome.

Articles, Essays, & Research

The Descent: a darker breed of poetry  
Haunting... paranormal... cryptic... literary and contemporary fantasy. 

Are we our own best enemy?

Long Form Poetry
Baptizing the Dead
Beware... the Devil may come bearing gifts.

Structured Poetry


Autumn Reads and Workshops runs September 1st to November 30th.





Seasons are Changing: Last Day for Summer Time Reads for 2021

The last time of meteorological summer is upon us. Be sure to take a final look at our Summer Time Seasonal Reads program. 

Next stop: Autumn Cider and exciting new reads!


When summer rolls around, we are ready to sit by the pool with an iced tea. A book is worth all the rays of the sun. Summer is about finding time for yourself, to relax. 

The days are longer. The nights are warm. Summer is the fantasy season of our lives.

Out by the water, what to do? Read with your sunglasses on, of course! 

Here are some of my reads for your reading list:

Crossing Kaitlin 
Kaitlin Lane has made some mistakes in her life, but being a part of an FBI investigation may be the biggest one yet.

Saint in the Big Easy
What happens when you discover the only person who can save you is you?   

Saint in Communion and Saintuary
What's next is anyone's guess.

Saint in the Devil You Know 
What do you do when the devil dances in the pale moonlight?

Articles, Essays, & Research 
A Writer's Guide to Writing
Push the envelope and become great.

Escape into Poetry with this dynamic chapbook about nature's volatility. 

Long Form Poetry
The Rain: Monsoon in the Desert
Deep... emotive... lyrical... epic poem!

Structure Poetry
Three line poetry variations like Haiku, Senryu, and Tanka, as well as non-structured poetry.

Summer Reads and Workshops run June 1st to August 31st.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Submissions in the Round

Last year I did not submit as many poems to third party sites as I usually do. 

Read Earth Changes II
My 2020 goal for submissions was to be more active. I have great poetry and I would like readers to experience my brand of rhyme, free verse, and metaphor. I have been writing for decades, with many positive reviews and critical acclaim. 

This seasonal cycle, I would like to expand my audience who may think that poetry is not for them. Then, you have not read my poetry. I write scientific, science fiction, imaginative, and emotive based poems that are not difficult to understand, but will leave an indelible mark on the reader.

I am publishing a few established poems that I have placed in my chapbooks on a few forums online. So if you would like to read some of my poems and leave a review, then please subscribe to Undawnted's YouTube Channel.

I also write poetry for a commission. 

Have a great and wonderful day.


Undawnted's YouTube Channel offers poetry shorts to full-fledged poetry feature films in our Poetry Slam section. This new playlist will give you more of the rhymes you crave.

Subscribe for more award-level poems written by DL Mullan.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Cover Art Design

Sometimes, I even impress myself... 

I created this art piece for a book I had yet to even think of, so instead of keeping it for myself, I decided to volunteer the cover design for a Sonoran Dawn Studio's anthology.  

If you would like to submit your art or poetry, submissions open on August 1, 2019.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Poetry Publication Submissions via Online and Email

A search online for publications willing to receive submissions without being a vanity publisher led me to an interesting place.

In the article: Poetry Publishers Willing to Receive Submissions Electronically, an extensive list of publishers was provided. After 20 years of service the page will be taken down in July of 2016. So go there and make a copy quick!

Here is a sneak peak: 

  1. (Re)visions Festival: Video Performance Art
    Submit by web form
  2. {Prong & Posy}
    Submit by email
  3. A & U America's AIDS Magazine
    Submit by email
  4. Aberration Labyrinth
    Submit by web form Special interests: Horror/Speculative · Outsider · Underrepresented Writers · Cross-Genre · Free Verse · Contemporary · Fantasy · Trash Poetry · Nerdy Poetry · Emotive.
  5. Able Muse
    Submit by web form Special interests: fiction · nonfiction · translations · blank verse · light verse · quatrains · rhymed/metered · sonnets · villanelle · formalist.
  6. About Place Journal
    Submit by web form Special interests: ecology/environment · social justice · human spirit · land ethic · poetry · prose · multi-media · engaged art · interconnected universe · activist.
  7. Abramelin
    Submit by email Special interests: free verse · literary
  8. Acorn — A Journal of Contemporary Haiku
    Submit by email Special interests: haiku · poetry · short poems · imagist · zen · minimalist
  9. Adanna — A Journal for Women, about Women
    Submit by email
    This journal is dedicated to women, it is not exclusive, and it welcomes our counterparts and their thoughts about women today. I only ask that your submissions reflect women’s issues or topics, celebrate womanhood, or shout out in passion.
  10. The Adroit Journal
    Submit by web form
  11. Aeola Journal of Poetry and Art
    Submit by email Special interests: nature · humor · free verse · imagist · lyric poetry · fiction · narrative · flash fiction · haiku
  12. African American Review
    Submit by web form Special interests: African American · African Diaspora · American experience · black experience · minority writing · outsider · underrepresented writers · social issues · academic · eclectic.
  13. Agave Magazine
    Submit by web form
  14. Agni
    Submit by web form
  15. Agnieszka's Dowry
    Submit by email
    Send simultaneously to Marek Lugowski and Katriina Grace Craig, Co-Editors. Use plain text, with no attachments.
  16. Aji
    Submit by web form Special interests: Fiction · Nonfiction · Short poetry · Humanities · Themed issues
  17. AJN (American Journal of Nursing)
    Submit by web form
    Wants poems and very short flash fiction about experiences related to health care for its Art of Nursing department. Query Sylvia Foley ( before submitting. Authors need not be health professionals. Special interests: health · health care · nursing · short poems · flash fiction
  18. ALBA — A Journal of Short Poetry
    Submit by email
  19. Albatross
    Submit by email Special interests: environmental · nature · narrative · free verse · long poem · short poems · new writers · established writers
  20. Alembic Literary Magazine
    Submit by web form

There are over 600 listings. 

Have a great and wonderful day!

Source: Andromeda Reutgers 

Have Anthology Will Submit

I am in a submission mood. 

If you have a poetry anthology that needs some more poetry, then post your submission guidelines url on my Facebook page: Dawn Leslie Mullan

And, remember to Like my page! You get updates from every blog/website that I write for! So that's journalism, news, art, poetry and creative writing. What a deal! 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Have a great and wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Break The Cycle Poetry Credits

Just received word that two original poems were accepted for publication.

The poems submitted for consideration were as follows:
Story of My Life
A Little Time (Saving Me)

The publication is called: Break The Cycle Volume 3, and is due out April 2016.  

We are so excited to apart of this series!  Thank you!

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