Historical Context

Historical Context, the politics, law, international events, and media, and how the combination play into the narrative we are force fed from every angle under the sun.

What can patriotic Americans do in the face of such deception?

We look at the Historical Context which shatters the lies with facts and sources. 

Contents of Historical Context include:

The People all over the world, including here in the United States, are being fed constant propaganda on their media news stations.

November 7, 2016... the People took back their government. Let the analysis begin!

Download your copy of FAILED (PDF).

Is voting worth the time? In the current political landscape, voting is a double-edged sword. How can Americans maneuver around the traps set by the ruling elite to manufacture consent for their destructive policies and world agenda?

Download your copy of Consent (PDF).


Americans are tired of endless wars, strife, and antipathy. How do end the madness? By understanding the history of war.

Download your copy of End (PDF)

Do you know which headlines are distractions from the real statements of concern that are found in history and even in online videos?

Download your copy of Damnest (PDF).


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