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Friday, June 23, 2023

The Jonah Collector Release Day and Book Event

Literary, lyrical prose in the form of nautical narrative is: The Jonah Collector

Inspired by the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The Jonah Collector offers something new to the seafaring, mermaid, and pirate genres. The tale is about a sea captain whose days are bogged down by regret, stress, and homesickness. 

Captain Christopher Houston is a seafaring man. He lives on the sea. He is the best ship captain in the world. He is also deceased. 

In this epic tale, we discover that in his youth, Captain Houston committed a heinous crime. He lied about his age to get onboard a ship because his father had died. The young man wanted to support his mother by earning a wage. Unfortunately, he was too inexperienced. He found himself labeled a Jonah, the weakest link, and forced to walk the plank. 

As his ship sailed away, the ocean took him down to the Locker. In the Depths, a beautiful mermaid made him a deal. Captain Houston did not understand the contract that saved his life, and was later able to nullify the mermaid's evil intent because he was not of age to consent to such an agreement. 

Years had passed since his encounter. Something inside of him stirred. He knew that his youthful mistake was about to catch up with his present. 

Unbeknownst to him, the mermaid, Aetheshella, devised a scheme to lure Christopher back to her through fate. She went after his son. Now, Captain Houston has a choice: save his son or himself. 

Will he be the next victim of The Jonah Collector?

A Novelist Idea newsletter is hosting the Ignite Your Imagination: The Jonah Collector Release Party on June 23, 2023.

If you love the sea, sailing, and stories, then The Jonah Collector is a short fiction odyssey created for you.

Visit Undawnted's dedicated page for information about The Jonah Collector.

A Novelist Idea [now Undawntable] Newsletter will be having a release party with prizes and trivia, plus Subscribers receive Early Access to purchase the e-Book. Be sure you are a Subscriber, because this is a Member's Only event.

This year's program is the: Hint of the Divine, in which participants learn the archetypes found in human culture, and storytelling.

Bring depth to your writing.

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Monday, September 26, 2022

Baptizing the Dead, the Literary Lyrical Long Form Poem, is Published!

Undawnted, and our Fearless Philes, had a wonderful time at the Baptizing the Dead release party last night. You didn't get the invite? Well, you can receive one for our next event by signing up with A Novelist Idea Newsletter...

Subscribers always get the goodie bag! 



What is this poem about? 

The Devil has come to town to baptize followers for the other team in order to steal their souls... do you know who your preacher is?

Even the Devil Can Quote Scripture


Critical Acclaim

What readers have to say about this poem?

"What happens when you give the Devil a run for his money!"

"Another great piece by our generation’s [Gen X] Genre Laureate."

"Ah such a talented woman I can only hope to be as good as you one day love your poems."

"Irreverent, but topical in our current cultural climate. Perfect."


Info Guide

Do you want to know more? Then visit Baptizing the Dead on Undawnted.  


Believe in Magic... Autumn Cider Seasonal Reads 



DL Mullan is an award-winning poet. With poems in numerous publications, including academic and commercial anthologies, Ms. Mullan is becoming Generation X's Genre Poet Laureate.

Want to read some free selections? Venture over to her page on My Poetry Forum.

The creative imagination stands the test of time. 

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Saturday, November 6, 2021

One Last Look at The Descent: a darker breed of poetry

All Hallow's Eve has come and gone for 2021, but the darkness still lingers in our hearts. 

If you ever need to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight, then be sure to bookmark DL Mullan's poetry list (is no longer) available on My Poetry Forum. Four poems from her horror-themed genre chapbook, The Descent reside there in their crypt: 

  • Breathe
  • Identity
  • The Collection
  • Upon Reading Edgar Allan Poe 

Be sure to leave a review. 

And, how do you like the new cover design? 

Have a great and spooky day. 


Undawnted's YouTube Channel offers poetry shorts to full-fledged poetry feature films in our Poetry Slam section. This new playlist will give you more of the rhymes you crave.

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Have You Gotten Your Autumn Cider? Undawnted's Seasonal Reads Program Guide

As the evenings turn cool, fire pits are decorated with people cooking marshmallows and wearing sweaters.

The holidays are close at hand. First, we get to enjoy the descending darkness into longer nights. We get costumes and candy... and fireside stories from beyond.

How do you get your fall fill? Well, read, of course!
Here are some of my reads for your reading list:

In the Name of Blood: Vampires are Relative
Novel about the supernatural ties that link people between the ages.

The Descent: a darker breed of poetry  
Haunting... paranormal... cryptic... literary and contemporary fantasy. 


Autumn Reads and Workshops runs September 1st to November 30th.




Friday, September 25, 2020

Fearless Workshop: Love and the Goddess

"This is a prime myth in this period of the Goddess as the redeemer, the one who goes in quest of the lost spouse or lover, and through her loyalty and descent into the realm of death, recovers him."

The myth of the goddess spans the length of human history. Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth delves into the importance of goddess mythology in the different cultures around the world. 

So how do you use the power of the goddess in your writing? 

In Undawnted's Autumn Cider Seasonal Reads, our Fearless Workshop is Lectures for Writers: The Power of Myth- Love and the Goddess. This writing exercise will help you on your way to using the goddess mythology in your writing.

Have a great and wonderful day!


*Update: all workshops and special engagements have now been concluded, and new projects are now under Undawnted's Substack.

A writer at heart, Undawnted's own creative spark, DL Mullan, began writing short stories and poetry before adolescence. Over the years, Ms. Mullan has showcased her literary talents by self-publishing several collections of her poetry. She also writes novels, designs apparel, and creates digital art. Ms. Mullan‘s creative writing is available in digital and print collections, from academia to commercial anthologies. As an independent publisher, she produces her own book cover designs as well as maintains her own websites. She is an award-winning digital artist and poet. This year, DL Mullan has begun sharing her knowledge via A Novelist Idea Newsletter. If you too want to become a Fearless Phile, then subscribe to her newsletter on Substack.

Her innovative style teaches writers how to reach their creative potential, and write more effectively.

Learn. Grow. Master… with Undawnted.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Author Versus Writer

Let the games begin!

An author is someone who originates or creates. A writer is someone who is an author or writes stock options. The dictionary is a great place to reflect and gain knowledge. 

There is a school of thought online that states: if you are not optioned by a press or publisher you are therefore not an author. As seen by the two definitions above, that is a fallacy. Writer and author are interchangeable. 

For a long time, I used the term "writer" to identify myself because I had not published a book. When I had published my own writings, an article arose stating that self published writers should not classify themselves as authors. That in doing so self published authors were just giving themselves trophies for showing up. 

I assure you: I did not just show up. I have been writing since junior high school. I have many third party writing credits to my name as well as awards for poetry. I have several degrees that took the effort of writing to attain as well as I have taken college creative writing courses.

Then I pondered on the dilemma a bit further. Was this a case of publisher snobbery? You can only win the title of author if you lick the boots of some garish halfwit with a license?  

Publishing houses have been in control of the written word for a very long time. Writers have had to subject themselves to agents and supply chain demands and criticism for centuries. Now with print on demand technology and the internet, agents and publishing houses have some stiff competition called the free market. 

The monopoly is finished. No more social engineering people to write certain stories or outcomes. People can write for the simple joy of writing. 

But there are so many bad writers out there, how do we weed them out? 

The market will weed out bad writers. For the rest, writers could take a leadership role in making sure good writers are lifted into the public eye more readily by buying and reviewing their books online, creating and publishing anthologies at their own standards, and assisting fellow writers in the writing process. 

I have opened up Sonoran Dawn Studios to publish my own works as well as create and release short story and poetry anthologies in the near future. 

Writers have an enormous opportunity to shape the future of writing, if they stop depicting writing as an authoritative caste system deployed to bully and control the act of writing to the point where writers and authors mean two distinct ideas, then writers can become their own gatekeepers as well as mentor younger or less seasoned writers. But writers will need to take a stand to guide the market.

There is room in the world for literary and pop culture writing. 

Writers, authors must make sure that their field is free of hacks that seek to reign in writing back to the cloistered control system that has yielded profit before people. 

Writing is a craft. It must be developed, exercised, and studied. Writing must not be limited by small minds. 

So next time you think of an author... think potential. 

Have a great and wonderful day!

Also published as Writer Versus Author on Authorsden.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Poetry Publication Submissions via Online and Email

A search online for publications willing to receive submissions without being a vanity publisher led me to an interesting place.

In the article: Poetry Publishers Willing to Receive Submissions Electronically, an extensive list of publishers was provided. After 20 years of service the page will be taken down in July of 2016. So go there and make a copy quick!

Here is a sneak peak: 

  1. (Re)visions Festival: Video Performance Art
    Submit by web form
  2. {Prong & Posy}
    Submit by email
  3. A & U America's AIDS Magazine
    Submit by email
  4. Aberration Labyrinth
    Submit by web form Special interests: Horror/Speculative · Outsider · Underrepresented Writers · Cross-Genre · Free Verse · Contemporary · Fantasy · Trash Poetry · Nerdy Poetry · Emotive.
  5. Able Muse
    Submit by web form Special interests: fiction · nonfiction · translations · blank verse · light verse · quatrains · rhymed/metered · sonnets · villanelle · formalist.
  6. About Place Journal
    Submit by web form Special interests: ecology/environment · social justice · human spirit · land ethic · poetry · prose · multi-media · engaged art · interconnected universe · activist.
  7. Abramelin
    Submit by email Special interests: free verse · literary
  8. Acorn — A Journal of Contemporary Haiku
    Submit by email Special interests: haiku · poetry · short poems · imagist · zen · minimalist
  9. Adanna — A Journal for Women, about Women
    Submit by email
    This journal is dedicated to women, it is not exclusive, and it welcomes our counterparts and their thoughts about women today. I only ask that your submissions reflect women’s issues or topics, celebrate womanhood, or shout out in passion.
  10. The Adroit Journal
    Submit by web form
  11. Aeola Journal of Poetry and Art
    Submit by email Special interests: nature · humor · free verse · imagist · lyric poetry · fiction · narrative · flash fiction · haiku
  12. African American Review
    Submit by web form Special interests: African American · African Diaspora · American experience · black experience · minority writing · outsider · underrepresented writers · social issues · academic · eclectic.
  13. Agave Magazine
    Submit by web form
  14. Agni
    Submit by web form
  15. Agnieszka's Dowry
    Submit by email
    Send simultaneously to Marek Lugowski and Katriina Grace Craig, Co-Editors. Use plain text, with no attachments.
  16. Aji
    Submit by web form Special interests: Fiction · Nonfiction · Short poetry · Humanities · Themed issues
  17. AJN (American Journal of Nursing)
    Submit by web form
    Wants poems and very short flash fiction about experiences related to health care for its Art of Nursing department. Query Sylvia Foley ( before submitting. Authors need not be health professionals. Special interests: health · health care · nursing · short poems · flash fiction
  18. ALBA — A Journal of Short Poetry
    Submit by email
  19. Albatross
    Submit by email Special interests: environmental · nature · narrative · free verse · long poem · short poems · new writers · established writers
  20. Alembic Literary Magazine
    Submit by web form

There are over 600 listings. 

Have a great and wonderful day!

Source: Andromeda Reutgers 

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