Undawnted is not only for fiction writing, but nonfiction as well. Creative nonfiction is a great way to show reality while entertaining the reader.

Creative Nonfiction
Autobiographies, memoirs do not have to be boring. 

Environmental Illness
Discussions in health, nutrition, and illness to help others navigate chronic ailments.

Family Genealogy
Ancestry: living history through the ages.

Food and Recipes
Even chronically ill patients need food that is good and good for you.

Haunting Paranormal
The world is full of adventures... and the paranormal. Take a trip somewhere interesting. Go for the history; stay for the ghosts!

Healthy Home Project
Clean your house without the toxic chemicals.

Historical Context
History is written by the victors, or in this case: a history major. Learn the history you were never taught in school.

Lecture Series
As a participant or audience member, lectures and speakers open the mind to new possibilities.

Literary Literature
From grammar to writing the perfect novel, discover how reading and writing make a better author.

Social Constructs
Society has its own norms and mores that guide individuals to live within that construct, but sometimes a little free thinking is in order to correct certain misconceptions.

Spiritual Quest
We are more than the sum of our parts. 

Women's Studies
How the patriarchy in politics, religion, and social engineering effect the health and safety of women. 


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