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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Autumn Cider on Undawnted's YouTube Channel Expands the Imagination

How would you like to see Edgar Allan Poe recite his own poetry? Or, how about Emily Dickinson? 

Without a time machine, no one living now can go back to see our literary icons do so... until Undawnted's own creative spark, DL Mullan found a way.  

Ms. Mullan has bridged the gap between the past and present with futuristic technology. With artificial intelligence (AI), the imagination has brought to life these Literary Masters (see the section of the same name) along with current poems by DL Mullan in Poetry Slam.

Throughout the Autumn Cider Seasonal Reads program, more guest appearances from the past, as well as their beloved poems, will grace the Undawnted YouTube channel.

For information about premieres, schedules, and book events be sure to Like, Comment, and especially, Subscribe to Undawnted's Channel, as well as Substack newsletter: A Novelist Idea.

With Undawnted, imagination is truly fearless. 


A writer at heart, Undawnted's own creative spark, DL Mullan, began writing short stories and poetry before adolescence. Ms. Mullan showcases her literary talents by publishing her creative writing. She has short stories and poems published in digital and print collections, from academia to commercial anthologies. In addition, she writes novels, designs apparel, and creates digital art. Ms. Mullan produces her own book cover designs for herself and others. She is an award-winning digital artist and poet.

Currently, she has embarked on writing her multi-book Legacy Universe, Supernatural Superhero Series.

With her education and experience in writing, DL Mullan shares her knowledge via her newsletters. If you too want to become a Fearless Phile, then subscribe to one of her newsletters on Substack.

Her innovative style teaches writers how to reach their creative potential, and write more effectively.

Learn. Grow. Master… with Undawnted.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Additions and Updates to Our Poetry Sections

Undawnted has been doing some spring-cleaning, as it were, to our poetry line. 

We are in the process of adding chapbooks like Supernatural Archaeology, and some others whose titles are tentative, but soon to be released on this site. In the Long Form poetry section, we have some great ideas for each seasonal reads. We have begun the process with the release of our Long Form poem: Galactic Ride in March 2022, and the upcoming chapbook release of Eclipse in May 2022. More goodies will be uploaded soon to our Chapbook section. Our goal is to have a long-form poem and chapbook for every month of the year. 

After a large catalog of poetry has been published, then in November 2024, we will release: Oracle. This chapbook will celebrate 30 years of award- winning/level poetry from our own rhymer, DL Mullan.

She believes poetry is for everyone. Her poems are easy to read and digest. The meaning is what the reader brings to the words, but also Ms. Mullan conveys her own thoughts and feelings into the mix. 

In the coming weeks and months, you will see this section change with exciting and even more provocative writings. Ms. Mullan challenges herself on every level to bring her audience the best writing and culture of the age. From poetry, prose, and digital art, there is no comparison to her commitment to the tangible legacy she is creating before your very eyes.

You can have curated... or you can have creative. Undawnted- where the imagination is fearless


Have a great and wonderful day.



Saturday, March 14, 2020

Becoming Fearless by Appropriate Preparation and Defeating Overreaction

This blog and my writing is about taking creativity to a whole new level with courage to be different. 

I am disabled due to illness. My body -thanks to others including my former employer- overexposed me to pesticides and black mold to the point where my body cannot end the cycle called: biotoxin illness on its own. Basically, my own body attacks and poisons itself. 

I have terrible inflammation. Inflammation that has injured my brain function. So being Undawnted, becoming Fearless was to help me overcome the challenges of an illness that at any moment could stop my heart, inflame my lungs, or shut down any one of my organs. I had to find the courage to move forward knowing I have no control to stop any of it. 

I have dizzy spells/vertigo now. My balance sucks. I cannot maintain equilibrium for too long when I stand or walk. So in mid-January I messed up my right foot in a most severe way. I am still wrapping my foot in an ace bandage while in bed to write this piece this morning. Then I caught a virus, which I have burned a fever on and off since February 22nd. It has been real fun around here not knowing how to feed or clean myself because Medicare affords me no medical help and my Medicare doctor does not take my real and treatable illness seriously so I have no home assistance, no oxygen, and no prescriptions for my hundreds of dollars in supplementation I take a month. I cannot take most prescription medications because my liver cannot handle them.  

So I have to live fearless or I would not be able to write, or well, do anything positive and proactive.

Insert recent current events, people have given into their darkest fears and have wallowed in it for all the world to see. Really? You need how much toilet paper? 

I have a biology minor and other sciences in my background and experience. For a virus, you don't need 35 years worth of toilet paper. You are allowing your fear to conquer you. 

I was doing some research about being creatively fearless when I ran into this 2015 Psychology Today article: 7 Ways 'Fearless' People Conquer Fear with the caveat: They overprepare but they don't overreact.

So what are you doing during this medical crisis? Have you succumbed to your flight or fight by actually fighting over toilet paper? 

If you want control over an uncontrolled situation, you must first conquer your own fear of the unknown. In the creative writing world, we brainstorm. We sit down and write out without editing ourselves what the topic means to us. If we are developing a character or a plot line, we list every aspect that comes to mind. That is what you can do about your fear. 

Writing exercise: write out your worst fears. Then compare your list to reality. Do they match up? Or, are you over-hyping your fears' importance? 

In reality, COVID-19 can be defeated if people would voluntarily shelter in place for 60 days around the world, all at the same time. That would mean criminals and other knuckle heads would have to take a two month vacation. World leaders would have to set the example by being the adults we need and not the selfish bastards they act like everyday. 

You know who I am talking about. 

No one is going to do that because the human race has allowed our society and culture as a whole to spiral down into the me, me, me state of psychological immaturity. 

So according to the Psychology Today article, how can our human family face the challenges that lie ahead?
  • Respect Fear
  • Understand the Mechanics of Fear Itself
  • Understand Your Own Fear Triggers
  • Build Confidence Where Fear Lies
  • Prepare Without Overreacting
  • Be Adults Despite What Fear Wants
  • Ask For Help If You Become Overwhelmed
Fear should never dictate your actions. 

That is how you become FEARLESS. 

Have a great and wonderful day.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019, Let the Creative Energy Flow

How do you feel today? 

It is 2019. The energy has changed and formed a new year. Creativity. Sociability. Boldness. Everything you have come to expect from Undawnted. 

While the weather has gotten cold, snow and sleet in the Sonoran Desert this past New Year's Eve, I have been reorganizing and redesigning some of the elements here on the site. Little did I know, the energies of the new year were already helping my creative spirit. 

2018 was tough on me. I feel like I did not grow enough as a creator as I would have liked. I did some extraordinary feats, that you would not believe me if I told you anyway, but you might read about when I write my Superfiction novels. Really fantastic adventures for a bed bound cripple. 

There was love and betrayal as well as out of this universe friendships. The ups and downs have left me a bit sea sick. Roller coaster rides were never for me. This set of 365, serenity and depth are the key players. I want a positive impact with positive outcomes.

Therefore I have reduced some sections so that I can concentrate on what I can do rather than the hopes and dreams of what I wish to do. When I get more accomplished, then I can start adding back my other projects. Still there is a lot on my plate, creatively speaking of course.

Is there something you would like to see Undawnted do in 2019? A novel? A sequel? Or, maybe it is poetry for you? 

Let me know on my social media accounts:
From me to you, Happy New Year! Let 2019 be the year to celebrate creativity! 


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Descent, Poetry for Halloween

Halloween is upon us. Are you craving poetry with that spooky, dank feel? Then look no further than The Descent: a darker breed of poetry

Buy your ebook copy today!

The Descent is available on Lulu.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

What is on Your Reading List?

Have the summer doldrums even if summer has not officially arrived yet? Why not add some fun in the sun with a summer reading list? 

I have many different types of materials for you to peruse. From the short but topical articles and essays in my nonfiction section to books of poetry. Enjoy a long form poem for a quick escape or an entire chapbook devoted to one motif. 

Begin your fearless journey into the imaginative, intellectual, and lyrical with a click of Fiction, Nonfiction, or Poetry.

Or... try your hand at all three.

Have a great and wonderful day. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Logo for a New Year

A little science fiction and a little paranormal, the new logo really illustrates how imagination at Undawnted is truly fearless. 

Enjoy the New Year and visit often. 

Undawnted is becoming more fearless.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Welcome, Again

This date is the official start to Undawnted.

I am a creative thinker: artist, poet, writer. I am set to publish original chapbooks, novels, and the lot. I hope you will join me on my quest to discover how imagination is fearless. 

"Undawnted is where imagination is unpredictable, insatiable, and undeniablely ...unleashed."

Let's start this adventure, again ;)

Have a great and wonderful day! 

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