Long Form

There are times when one page cannot express the creative thought with enough precision that a poet needs to explore the idea further. Poets are then obliged to write until the story is complete. Long poems like the Iliad have been a favorite for centuries, and here is my versions.

Celebrating a Decade of Long Form Poetry



Baptizing the Dead 
Beware... the Devil may come to your town bearing gifts. 

Galactic Ride
Space travel... just bring your imagination.  

Memoirs of a Psychotic Painting Elephant 
When your experience turns out to not be a dream. 
The Rain: Monsoon in the Desert
A long, singular poem about the bonds between humans and creatures of the desert.

Are you being deceived about UFOs?    

Wild West  
A poem set in the Old West with a paranormal twist.    


Bent Love
What would you do for love? 

Black Hearts Club 
Do you know what love is?   

Do birds have their own oral history?

The mythical creature comes alive in this rhyme. 

The Owl
The night is young, if you soar from above.

Time to reconnect with the ancestors. 

With a history of sightings, can the legend be true?   

Winter Solstice
Yule festivity to celebrate this time of the year.   


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Critical Acclaim from Readers

"Not usually a poetry fan but someone here recommended I check this book out and I am so glad I did! Wow you are very good - the poems are intelligent, understandable and yet fanatstic! Truly - you are gifted in this arena! My favorites so far... "Upon Reading Edgar Allen Poe and Revenge."

"We write a different style of poetry but that gives us a market for the world. Anyone that says they 'Just don't like poetry' needs to check out your style and mine because in one of them they are sure to find something they will truly enjoy."

Source: Authonomy