Join the Legacy Universe

Undawnted has created its own fictional universe with a common foundation: Legacy. Legacy is a multi- generational, millennium secret organization. A series of novels will exist inside this universe. 

Legacy is a global crime-fighting unit dedicated to defending humanity against the  negative effects of supernatural forces. A paranormal law enforcement division, through specified taskforces within Legacy, sends special agents to investigate and halt activities against the mortal realm. All the while, the organization keeps humanity ignorant of its existence and the unseen forces behind the everyday curtain of normalcy.

When ghouls, goblins, magicians, sorcerers, werewolves, and the plethora of undead become rogue actors, who are you going to call?

The Special Agents with the Legacy Taskforce.

If there are paranormal problems, you can bet that one of their special agents has already been assigned to the task.

Nothing is what it seems.

Legacy special agents are what monsters fear.

Do you want to join the ranks of these brave individuals, who in and of themselves are supernatural in some capacity?

If so, here are a few reports for you to read that detail agents' past investigations:

Origin Stories

Immortal Spellcaster
Kaitlin Lane is about to discover a world of fantasy and magic in her cloistered existence as a cold case investigator and psychic intuitive.

Roben Hode is reborn in this modern version of the legendary tale. 

When you discover, the only person who can save you is you.

Nocturnal Redemption
Can love truly conquer all?
A Known Wolf
Sacred Homicide
A serial killer grips a city in fear when no one knows who will be next on his list and why. Will Kaelan Sainthus discover the killer before Dani Curwen does?

The Reality Hackers 
Wonder what would happen when your world is turned upside down?


Legacy Mythology

Mythology of Werewolves





The Story of Vigdis and Adalbrandir
A cautionary tale about how a goddess and her mortal lover were cast into the pits of the Underworld for revealing a lie.

The Story of Excalibur
Discover how the Lady of the Lake came into possession of two swords.


Goblin King






Legacy Counterintelligence

When the government and corporate world combine to create a one world vision, you know that Advance is taking the lead.




The Obsidian Order
At the heart of darkness lies warriors who do not know the light.




Legacy Taskforce Crossovers

Legacy: Paranormal Taskforce Division

Legacy: The Yggdrasil Program

Legacy: Operation Looking Glass

Legacy: The Mirage Strategy




Legacy: Dark Storm Rising


Legacy: Wave Function Collapse



Legacy: On the Shores of Avalon






Good luck.



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