Sunday, December 26, 2021

On My Poetry Forum Poems to be Retired for 2022

The votes are in. Your voice has been heard. The tallies have been calculated! 

It appears that eight, not the five originally opined, will be removed.

Here is the list of poems that will be retired from circulation on My Poetry Forum for the coming new year: 

Have you casted your vote yet? 

Poems that resonate with Undawnted's community tend to remain in the public eye for longer durations than those poems that do not. 5-Star Reviews, Nominations, and other positive factors keep Ms. Mullan's creative endeavors live on the internet, as she sees the interactivity as a sign of satisfaction among her audience.

You still have time to leave a review and vote with your stars. More poetry will be available in the coming months. Watch for your chance to interact with Undawnted's resident poet, DL Mullan. 


Have a great and creative day.  



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