Eclipse: Cloaked by Totality

This total eclipse dives deep into the heart of the matter. Eclipse is a themed chapbook with mythological, meteorological, astrophysical, and literary aspects weaved throughout the poetry to create a one-of-a-kind reading experience.  

Some reader acclaim about various poems are:

"More like cloaked by powerful words!"
"Love this."

Find your totality with Eclipse.


The Contents include:
Crazy Hell
Siren Sacrifice
Blood Moon 
Heart of the Matter
Saros Cycle
Shadow Play 
Born Between
Level Up

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Original publishing date: May 9, 2022. Wide Release: May 15, 2022.

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Eclipse Chapbook Prevue

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Critical Acclaim from Readers:

Chapbook Review
"Eclipse is one of the best genre/science/scifi poetry collections that I have read in a very long while. It's truly unique, and cutting edge because the poet is unafraid to be bold about her topic." 

"Masterful. 5-Stars."

3 Reader's Choice Nominations
5-Star Reviews 

"This won First Place in my science competition. I didn't know poets could write this way. I'm in awe of your writing."

"Dude... this poem is awesome! 5 Stars. Just a masterpiece of language."

"What a combination, physics in a poem or should I say a poem regarding physics A very good and interesting poem that's why I gave it a 5-star rating."

"I’m not much of a scientific mind, so I got lost a time or two here, but that’s OK. I can tell at least that this is an exceptionally creative, well-rendered work with a positive message. Thanks for sharing it with us." 

Reader's Choice Nomination
5-Star Reviews

"A scifi horror story in a poem, what else could anyone ask for? The rhymes, tone, and rhythm make for an exciting romp. This poem should be the basis for a hit movie. I would go see it. Another awesome installment from our master wordsmith!"

"Great narrative with a double irony for an ending. Lovely fun!"

"This reminds me of a movie where an alien attacks the earth, appearing in the shadow, night and disappearing when light appears. This poem kept me reading and trying to decipher the meaning. Excellent job!" 

"I’ll admit the science speak loses me... still a good sci-fi flick."

"Wow. This sounds like the start of an epic sci-fy movie. I can see the scene in my mind. Nice poem."