Supernatural Archaeology

Supernatural Archaeology is the poetry of philosophy, mythology bordering on the supernatural and paranormal realms. 

"The superb imagery complements the thoughts and emotions expressed via your verses here."

"This is really different... the imagery is beautiful and surreal."

"A captivating creation."

Become supernatural.


The Contents include:
A Wandering Place
Full Circle
Gone Home
Ode to Stonehenge
The Flower Within
Shadows on the Wall
Soul Rescue
The Wanderer
Fallen (Broken Wings)
The Minuet
Tales in Classical Detail


Autumn Cider Seasonal Reads  
Original publishing date: December 1, 2024. 




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Critical Acclaim from Readers: 

Shuffle the Devil
1 Reader's Choice Nomination

"This poem is so amazing *again*. Shuffle the Devil about a tarot card reading for the devil. That's pretty damn creative, like folkart stuff..."   

If this is a true reading of the Tarot cards. Then this is a deep interpretation... As a creative write/poem this is well presented and executed."  

"Very interesting write....I am not very well versed on how tarot card reading works, but I believe you did an excellent job giving us some insight. I like the last line of your poem "the devil is me!"  

"Whoa. What creativity. This poem is much different from others on this site. Out of the box. Story-telling in rhymes. Fantastic!" 


The Minuet
1 Reader's Choice Nomination

"Wow, the spiritual journey this poem took me on encourages me to get in touch with my spirituality! I particularly like the line 'We are the beam that renders corners to light.'"

"Your poetry sounds like a great spiritual journey. In my mind I see an angelic being with an incorruptible body, not like humans. Your poem can be very thought-provoking. Great job!" 

"Amazing, just amazing."

"I very rarely give 5 stars to the first poem I read from an author; that is so there is room for the better works to come. That said, this grabbed me like only a few masters on this site have. Having conceived of the full majesty of our universe in eleven dimensions (as everyone has told me could not be done) I completely embrace the idea that the body is the limiting factor. I truly hope to read more." 

"I do very much like “We minuet slowly and gracefully across time”. Nice line, nice message of personal empowerment." 




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