Autumn Cider Seasonal Reads

As the evenings turn cool, fire pits are decorated with people
cooking marshmallows and wearing sweaters.
The holidays are close at hand. First, we get to enjoy the descending darkness into longer nights. We get costumes and candy... and fireside stories from beyond.

How do you get your fall fill? Well, read, of course! 

Autumn Cider brings horror, paranormal, gratitude. It is Act III of the Hero's Journey: Descent into the Underworld. It's time to Fight for What You Believe In! Believe in the magic that is you and walk with the ancestors during this season with Undawnted.
Begin believing in yourself here:

In the Name of Blood: Vampires are Relative
Some people have a supernatural lineage unlike any other.

In the Name of Blood: Vampires are Reactive
When you are put to the test, will you stand by your convictions?

In the Name of Blood: Vampires are Restorative
If you knew the beginning, would it justify the ends?
A Known Wolf   
Non potes effugere praeteritum... You cannot escape the past.

Short Stories
The Story of Ophlupin  
How the mythology and origin of werewolves began: anger the gods, pay the price.

You can't outrun a past life.

Articles, Essays, & Research
Undawntech Column

The Descent: a darker breed of poetry  
Haunting... paranormal... cryptic... literary and contemporary fantasy. 

Are we our own best enemy?

Poetry of philosophy, mythology bordering on the supernatural and paranormal realms.
Long Form Poetry 
Beware... the Devil may come bearing gifts.
Reconnecting with your ancestors. 

Wild West and the Pueblo Diablo 
A lone sheriff tracks the devil to a remote pueblo.

Structured Poetry
The Golden Spiral: Fibonacci Inspired Poetry
Six to eight line stanzas that use Fibonacci and Phi, the Golden Ratio, to create the perfect poetry.   

Special Editions
Legendary, Autumn Cider
First Chapters and Other Writings.

Autumn Reads run September 1st to November 30th.


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