Galactic Ride

Take a trip into the universe. No need to pack. Your imagination is your passport to discover what lies beyond our telescopes.

"Awesome... just can't say enough about your poem." 
"A Sci-Fi/Fantasy poem. Unusual, to me anyway, and an interesting change of pace..."  
"...reminded me of the psychedelic era." 
Jump on board.

The Contents include:

Galactic Ride, Long Form Poem

Spring Dreams Seasonal Reads 
Original publishing date: March 17, 2022.  Wide Release date: March 17, 2024.


Galactic Ride Prevue (Music)
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Critical Acclaim from Readers:

"Magnificent! It sounds like a great vacation, transformed through various perspectives. I love the way you work in science. So many people can’t seem to reconcile science with other forms of thought. I love it." 

"A Sci-Fi/Fantasy poem. Unusual, to me anyway, and an interesting change of pace. Most interesting is that, among all the 'out there' descriptions of this journey, what stands out to me is the mundane but very evocative, 'in the back of a pickup, I felt the [temperate] wind [pour over me].'"  

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