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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Day After Madness Speaks Volumes about Society

'Twas the Day After everyone's holiday of gift giving and filled bellies, and now what?


Hasn't everyone had enough already? Apparently not and that says volumes about our society. No moral or ethical wherewithal. Shop 'til you drop. Don't be engaged with reality. Just spend, spend, spend. 

What happened to the American Society of Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Have we really not taught our current younger generations about decency or respect? Black Friday, you say? Okay, never mind.

If Generation X cannot walk away from the sin of overspending, then how can their children learn the value of anything? Thanks to cheap foreign labor and corporate greed to give us less for more, we know the cost of things, but not the value.

For instance: if you work for $20 an hour, a $5 toy is 15 minutes worth of your time at work. Mowing someone's lawn for $20, which takes you two hours to do right... that toy now costs you 30 minutes of your sweat. Cost versus Value. Why do we not teach this concept anymore?

It appears we have allowed ourselves to be duped by cheap materialism. We have hoarders. We have people glued to their cellular phones. We have no one paying attention.

So we have Black Fridays. People harming others for trinkets. We have young people who do not take responsibility for their actions. These examples are crimes against the soul.

If our society does not begin to teach value of people, time, labor, paychecks, and things, then we are doomed to be hamsters on the retail shopping wheel for life.

And, condemn future generations with us.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hello Cold Front, Good-bye Autumn


Phoenix is blustery today. It was kind of warm, anything below 90 is not warm to a desert rat like myself, for a few days and then here is the cold blast. 

Dear Polar Vortex, you can keep it.

That's right, folks, the Arctic can remain in the Arctic. Phoenix is a desert. It is not Detroit 2.0. 

Wind, cold.... then rain on the way. El Nino must be really upset this year. Although I will not argue rain, we always need rain to clean out the dirty atmosphere. 

Last night the AirNow people measured 179 in unhealthy air particulates because people in Phoenix, at 50 degrees, needed to run their fireplaces instead of the ones on Youtube. We live between mountains. There is a cold inversion layer that traps the smog in the general breathable air column. There was no wind. So let's all give smoke inhalation to everyone in the metro area.

The gift that keeps on giving to respiratory illness patients who now are at the ER or sucking on their nebulizers. Yeah, thanks bunches. Now we all have lung gunk to deal with.


Do not even get me started on the gun shots and perhaps fireworks. Phoenix has become the Third World. Sane people hide in their houses until day break, if you can breathe that is. It is quite upsetting to see such a great place to live become a holiday war zone. 

Bright side, I heard no helicopters last night. Shocker. Usually someone is giving the police a chase through our golf course area. Maybe all the rift raft were too busy impressing others by lighting matches or using firearms. 

Nah, they were stealing people's Christmas lights and scenes. It is really shameful to steal people's decorations. Even for a prank. It is the holidays, not grab bags are us. 

That was cathartic. I got my disappoint right out and in record time. At least me and the kitties are safe and sound. We have pizza and each other. We have more than most.

We are blessed.

For the rest of the year, I am working on art for the Abstracts link. 

Have a Happy and Wonderful Holiday Season.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Twas the Night Before Xmas... Zombie Style

I discovered this rendition of "Twas the Night Before Christmas, but this one is a bit creepy.

Here take a listen: Happy Creepy Christmas.


Bob Ross: Christmas Eve Snow

Bob Ross.

The name invokes paint and PBS in the memories of those who loved to watch him paint every week. He left us many, many gifts of joy on canvas. Here is one for Christmas Eve:

For the video and the article to this image: visit the VDP Gazette.

The rest of us can reimagine a world with him in it. Miss you, my friend.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

The Holiday Reminder

It’s the holidays again
and you are feeling blue
There are no presents
There is no tree
There is nothing around for you
The bitterness is not from the cold outside
but from your endless empty heart
Hopelessness has taken hold inside
Instead of sitting there wishing
for objects that do not matter
Be thankful for what you do have
for it is probably more than most
Look around and invite friends over
and raise such a clatter!
Drink with a merry toast to all
You do not have to have what is material
or need to feel discontent
As long as love and good cheer
is in everything you do everyday
So open your heart with happiness
and brighten the holidays with a smile
All you need is there for the taking
It is real and alive and waiting
but only if you believe in the goodwill
of all the inhabitants of the Earth
It’s not about religion
It’s not about money
It is the idea that we are more
than a shell of flesh and blood
we are so below as above
spirits with an abundance of love
so throw off the yoke of taking
and begin to receive what is yours
The holidays are not about things
It’s about if you care more for others
than what can be purchased at the stores.


 Publication Credit: Villa de Paz Gazette. December 24, 2014.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Time Passes When You're Ain't Having a Good Time


Spin you round and round and you haven't gone anywhere. Awesome! I have been having dizzy spells for a while but today was a full on vertigo episode. 

I guess that is my Yule present this year! 

All I wish for the holidays is to gain some measure of health. Being ill is not fun or a vacation, it is hard work. Plus with everyone burning in their fireplaces... really, in Phoenix? Yeah, it's sooo cold to be smoking the rest of us out of our lungs.

I am in bed like i have been most of this year. I need a new mattress. That's not going to happen either. 

Hmmm... something needs to go right here. What can I think of? Sleep. I can sleep the night and day away. Maybe I will gain enough sleep credits to be well enough to do some writing. 

I think I found my New Year's Resolution. 


Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season!