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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Time Passes When You're Ain't Having a Good Time


Spin you round and round and you haven't gone anywhere. Awesome! I have been having dizzy spells for a while but today was a full on vertigo episode. 

I guess that is my Yule present this year! 

All I wish for the holidays is to gain some measure of health. Being ill is not fun or a vacation, it is hard work. Plus with everyone burning in their fireplaces... really, in Phoenix? Yeah, it's sooo cold to be smoking the rest of us out of our lungs.

I am in bed like i have been most of this year. I need a new mattress. That's not going to happen either. 

Hmmm... something needs to go right here. What can I think of? Sleep. I can sleep the night and day away. Maybe I will gain enough sleep credits to be well enough to do some writing. 

I think I found my New Year's Resolution. 


Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season!

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