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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hello Cold Front, Good-bye Autumn


Phoenix is blustery today. It was kind of warm, anything below 90 is not warm to a desert rat like myself, for a few days and then here is the cold blast. 

Dear Polar Vortex, you can keep it.

That's right, folks, the Arctic can remain in the Arctic. Phoenix is a desert. It is not Detroit 2.0. 

Wind, cold.... then rain on the way. El Nino must be really upset this year. Although I will not argue rain, we always need rain to clean out the dirty atmosphere. 

Last night the AirNow people measured 179 in unhealthy air particulates because people in Phoenix, at 50 degrees, needed to run their fireplaces instead of the ones on Youtube. We live between mountains. There is a cold inversion layer that traps the smog in the general breathable air column. There was no wind. So let's all give smoke inhalation to everyone in the metro area.

The gift that keeps on giving to respiratory illness patients who now are at the ER or sucking on their nebulizers. Yeah, thanks bunches. Now we all have lung gunk to deal with.


Do not even get me started on the gun shots and perhaps fireworks. Phoenix has become the Third World. Sane people hide in their houses until day break, if you can breathe that is. It is quite upsetting to see such a great place to live become a holiday war zone. 

Bright side, I heard no helicopters last night. Shocker. Usually someone is giving the police a chase through our golf course area. Maybe all the rift raft were too busy impressing others by lighting matches or using firearms. 

Nah, they were stealing people's Christmas lights and scenes. It is really shameful to steal people's decorations. Even for a prank. It is the holidays, not grab bags are us. 

That was cathartic. I got my disappoint right out and in record time. At least me and the kitties are safe and sound. We have pizza and each other. We have more than most.

We are blessed.

For the rest of the year, I am working on art for the Abstracts link. 

Have a Happy and Wonderful Holiday Season.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Night Shift

Nights are a wonderous time.

The moon is almost full. So bright is the rays that I do not need any electric lights outside. I do anyway for safety's sake but it is really bright out there. 

I have begun a list for things I must do to get ready for winter. Weatherize the pipes. Get kitty beds all set up. Indoor rugs where they are needed. A few more curtains. There, done.

Now I have to scour my usual online haunts to do a budget of what I'll need and how much it's going to cost me. Joy. 

At least it's something to do and an accomplishment to look forward to.

Now back to the Night Shift. 

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