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Friday, June 9, 2023

Have You Ever Danced in The Rain?

Summer Time Seasonal Reads is proud to introduce, The Rain, to new readers. 

This Long Form Poem describes life in the desert southwest during monsoon season. As the Sonoran Desert braces for another season of torrential rains, blowing dust, and microbursts, humans and creatures alike do anything to find shelter.

"A long meditative poem
that soothes the soul."

"You can hear the rain as you read along."

The Rain is an epic poem that follows the friendship of a woman and a grasshopper, who lives in her yard. 


Long Form Poetry

There are times when one page cannot express the creative thought with enough precision that a poet needs to explore the idea further. Poets are then obliged to write until the story is complete, while adhering to their rhyme-scheme. Long Form Poems like the Iliad have been a favorite for centuries, and here are Undawnted's versions to entice the mind and tickle the senses.
Find your favorite in Undawnted's Long Form poetry section.  


Saturday, May 20, 2023

Step Out of the Norm and Take a Galactic Ride

This Long Form poem is the staycation everyone dreams about:

Take a trip into the universe. No need to pack. Your imagination is your passport to discover what lies beyond our telescopes.

"Awesome... just can't say enough about your poem." 

"A Sci-Fi/Fantasy poem. Unusual, to me anyway, and an interesting change of pace..."  
"...reminded me of the psychedelic era." 

Jump on board.

Join the consciousness revolution, and open your mind to the possibilities that await in the rhymes of these lines:

Want to take the ride? Buy your copy today: Galactic Ride



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Thursday, January 6, 2022

A Novelist Idea: Fueling the Imagination is about the Center, Anchor, and Authentic Self

As a writer, I don't subscribe to the notion that I must write every day, let alone write X amount of words on a daily basis.  I do as I please. 

Because it is not the word count that counts; it is my imagination. If I cannot see, hear, and feel my characters and the story in my imagination, well, neither will my readers. So how is pushing writing as a daily activity going to fuel the very mechanism that is my creativity? 

It does not. 

Writing for the sake of writing is just writing... 

Undawnted is where the imagination is unpredictable, insatiable, and undeniably... unleashed. This statement is how I live my craft. Everyone should have a guiding principle, or vision, for their writing career.

What is yours? 

Ask yourself: 

  • What do you see in your writing that you would like others to enjoy?
  • What do you want to convey that is unique to you? 
  • How do you want your reader to feel when they are done reading what you have written? 
  • What is it that you want out of writing that would satisfy your audience and your compulsion to write? 

Another question to ask yourself is why do you write? I make this inquiry because I see many writers who have one-sided political views that they use to social engineer their audience. The psychological manipulation of your audience or writing for a small segment of the population will eventually sour people to your writing.

But... I want to be "inclusive!" Watch out for buzzwords. Those types of words usually resonate with fads and failures. I want to represent the underrepresented! If that segment of society is at 5%, then that is pretty much a forgone conclusion. A writer in this category is not interested in being inclusive but rather to the exclusion of 95% of the population, and thus creating a sect, or club. Maybe even a cult mindset in their writing. 

Writers need to be wary of such extreme behavior. 

If a writer writes exclusively for 15 million people who label themselves "Numerics", then that is all the readership you will hope to cultivate. And, writers must be aware of how their writing is accepted or rejected by this section of society. If you are seen as pandering, then you have pretty much excluded them too. 

So what does a writer do? No one wants to be seen as "Numer-phobic," but pandering, and social engineering are just as terrible behaviors to pursue as the former. 

How do writers become authentic? 

That center for which writers get their creative drive is individual to every writer. If you don't know or feel your writing center, there are a few exercises you can do to center yourself. A writer could go somewhere quiet. Sit under a tree, in a library, or in a bookstore. Watch people interact from all walks of life. Do you feel their energy? Do you feel the trees? books? people? buildings? 

With meditation or a creative exercise, find that feeling within yourself. What does that feel like? Can you delve deeper until all there is in the feeling is you? The original emotion that anchors you to a silent reverie of creativity and energy, do you feel that?

Does that center from your spiritual anchor spell out a one-side political or social agenda? Or, is being an authentic person more about all things under the sun, moon, and stars in the sky? Is being your authentic self about personal goals, integrity, and fulfillment? 

Then why do you believe that being exclusive and manipulative has anything to do with being a creative architect in the craft of writing? art? media? science? math? instruction? medicine?

If you are an authentic person, then there is no need to belittle your audience with ridiculous or even immature behavior. A creative person, or anyone, who is centered needs only to live their vision statement as a role model. Behavior that manipulates or panders is against that which centers our spirits and anchors our souls.

I take on the challenge of writing from this universal consciousness. There are no inclusive or exclusive energies. I am not beholden to any belief or feel that I must target society as a change agent. The natural course of change is slow over centuries, not quick in the span of two decades (as we have seen in several artificial mass hysteria events since Y2K). 

If you know who you are and what you are about, then the psychology and sociology of group dynamics does not affect you. Rather, you are driven by what is authentic, real, and tangible. An authentic person wants a centered sense to their world.

When you place yourself into your writing with the energy of authenticity, then your readers will respond in kind. In that center, you cannot look to others for guidance. That place is where you stand alone. It is you: raw, unfiltered, and unencumbered by outside forces. Since every person has this energy center, no matter their age, race, religion, politics, or orientation, your reader will have a deep connection with your writing, and your imagination.

Who do you want to be? Do you want to be your authentic self? Or, are you content with being a marionette in someone else's vision of you? 

I choose to be authentic. 

Have a great and wonderful day.


A writer at heart, Undawnted's own creative spark, DL Mullan, began writing short stories and poetry before adolescence. Over the years, Ms. Mullan has showcased her literary talents by self-publishing several collections of her poetry. She also writes novels, designs apparel, and creates digital art. Ms. Mullan‘s creative writing is available in digital and print collections, from academia to commercial anthologies. As an independent publisher, she produces her own book cover designs as well as maintains her own websites. She is an award-winning digital artist and poet.

Currently, she has embarked on writing her multi-book Legacy Universe, Supernatural Superhero Series.

With her education and experience in writing, DL Mullan shares her knowledge via her newsletters. If you too want to become a Fearless Phile, then subscribe to one of her newsletters on Substack.

Her innovative style teaches writers how to reach their creative potential, and write more effectively.

Learn. Grow. Master… with Undawnted.

Monday, May 8, 2017

A Higher State of Being

People new to meditation or visualization are often faced with the daunting task of: what do i do now?

Ground and Align seeks to answer that question. 

Take the frustration out of meditation. Here is a guided visualization to help you on your way. Tweek the meditation to fit your goals. 

Have a great and wonderful day!

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Rain Added to Chapbooks

A long, singular poem about the Sonoran monsoon has been added to the Chapbooks section of Undawnted. 

This poem is meditative in quality but interesting in concept . The Rain details the relationship between a rain soaked grasshopper and the human who helps him.

The chapbook will be published under the Undawnted brand.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Clutter, Minimalism, and Harmony: Guess What's Hitting the Trash?

You don't know how much crap you have until you go through it. 

I have been on a tear, which for me is nowhere near light speed, for a while now to clean, organize, and harmonize. Once I began meditating and clearing out the old mindset, I have just trashed things I didn't want, weren't mine, and shouldn't have. All gone.

Trash day is Friday in my neighborhood and sometimes I wonder if my bin can be lifted by the city vehicles! Yet, each time they are with ease. I pack so much clutter in there that the lid isn't perfectly sealed down.

I am in a phase of my life where I don't want the things that I own to own me. Minimalistic, symmetrical, and harmonious. If I do not have a place for it, I will stash it in my china closet or somewhere else safe for a while. If I am unable to find a home in the grand scheme of my decor, then off to the thrift shop it goes! 

January is another bulk trash month. I have some things in the back yard that are going to see the curb. Good-bye!

I don't want to deal with clutter. I don't have to. That is the best part: I do not have to! 

I want to walk into any room in my house and know that everything has its place and everything is in its place. 

It's a great way to view life. I did the collecting and the pretties. It never satisfied me the way an easy flow decor does because the energy doesn't weigh me down.

I still have years to go to perfect my little world, but that's the funnest part: shopping! Online (mostly) or in person, I can decide what will work and what doesn't. I decide my pace and budget!

Well, I've done enough writing for one evening. I listened to lectures online again today. I have to relearn everything I used to know and then it still doesn't remain in my synapses. That's the thing about chronic illness: you can't count on anything. 

Yet, I had a good day. I slept in. I ate. I played and petted my kitties. I organized. I dusted. I listened to music on the radio. 

Tomorrow, I probably will have to recuperate from my "good" day. Okay, the rest of the week too. OMG, I used to go 18 hours a day. Now I sleep it and still find time for a two hour nap!

I hope everyone has a great night and rest of the weekend! 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Afternoon Naps and Other Forms of Healing

Even for adults studies have shown that naps in the afternoon are great for the body, mind, soul, and spirit. 

I now have to take daily naps. Two or three hours in addition to the twelve to sixteen I sleep daily makes for a short day. Chronic fatigue is a symptom of my MCS/EI/Mold illnesses.  

It's a tough pill to swallow even if I am allergic to most pharmaceuticals.  I like when I have the energy to get something done. Often, I have to budget my time and make command decisions on what can and cannot be done in a day. 

Some chores get sacrificed for others. Dishes... I hate dishes especially since my hands are dry, cracked, and bleeding most of the time. My body cannot keep oil in itself so water and soap make a bad situation even worse. Laundry is pretty simple. Vacuuming once a week. Dusting is whenever.

Since I require a lot of fresh air from open windows, dust accumulates. Welcome to the desert! So dusting is not a task I put much stock into. It gets done when it gets done. 

When my windows are not open, I must rely on my air cleaners. That is: heavy duty air cleaners. These cleaners run all day and night, windows opened or closed plus I have a MERV 12 air filter in my heatpump unit. 

It is not my lungs per se; it is my liver. The mold and mercury inside my body hiding in organs and other tissues as well as in bonded molecular components eats up my sulfur, antioxidants, and methyl groups. I must also eat protein all day in order to assist my liver in maintaining some type of control (and we haven't even covered the renal damage from black mold found in my kidneys). 

Without my liver stabilized, I am unable to breathe properly and I require oxygen supplementation. The liver does many great tasks for the body. One of which is breaking down harmful substances into non-harmful substances. When my body has to concentrate on the already high amount of toxins and biotoxins in me, my liver cannot self-regulate. So I become allergic to the air I breathe, water I drink, and food I eat. 


For instance, a few weeks ago I had a tablespoon of buttermilk ranch and had a severe allergic reaction while I was eating a tomato. I had had ranch for months without an issue, but that night my body decided that a line had been crossed. I have no idea how or why but regular ranch dressing is okay and buttermilk ranch is not. 

Talk about frustrating. I have to wait for my body to stop reacting until I can even try a tomato again or risk a permanent allergy. Isn't chronic illness wonderful?!

Now try to explain this scenario to people who do not have these types of sudden and unclear reactions. Others try to understand but then stop because it is easier to label someone crazy, insane, or psychotic than to realize the symptoms are real and part of a larger toxic cascade happening in the body. 

I have had the experience of knowing and living with people who rather bully you, isolate you, and threaten institutionalization instead of doing the right thing. Right being: researching the issue within the community that has said medical problems, finding the best course of treatment, and following through by getting the patient to the right physician. 

Sounds simple, right? Do the right thing by another person. 

As a former caretaker of my elderly mother, I always did the right thing by the person I was taking care of. When the roles were reversed, my parental unit and siblings decided to ignore the medical issues in lieu of scare tactics. 

Because of course someone that sick cannot possibly be mentally stable. 

Truth be told: the people who neglect, abuse, and torture someone who is physically, medically, or mentally ill are not only criminals but are morally and ethically corrupt to the point beyond rehabilitation.

In order to combat the cyclical night terrors associated with being terrorized, I have discovered meditation. Guided meditations on youtube and other free websites have become routine and helpful. I am glad I found them.

Rewiring a damaged/injured brain due to lack of medical attention is essential to combating reactionary impulses in the primitive brain. Plus I have cognitive issues as well as Central Nervous System damage stemming from systematic inflammation. 

I may not be able to drive, remember much in my short term memory, or use hand-eye coordination, but I am finding new and unorthodox ways to recreate neural pathways so I may recover some of what was lost over the past five years. 

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