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Friday, July 28, 2017

Updated Logo for Future Publication Projects

I was creating new images for use with articles and essays here on Undawnted. I noticed that images are used on Pinterest for readers to save their favorite things: art, poetry, and writing. I decided to oblige with some updated art.

Then I began playing with the Undawnted logo. I wanted a nice marketing tool to use with any publications that will be published from here like Family Genealogy, whereas novels and chapbooks are published through Sonoran Dawn Studios

So you will probably see this logo on this site and in use for other projects:

New Marketing Logo

Yeah, I know. It looks very Eye of Horus. Sorry, no secret society membership here.

Addendum... I am a student of Joseph Campbell. Mythology is one of my favorite subjects. This logo fulfills that mythical scratch! 

Have a great and wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Plotting My Stargate

Every time I sit down to write, another project pops out of the woodwork.

I am busy with an external source's clothing line, book cover art events, as well as my own creative ideas. 

I didn't know summers could be this eventful!

Since I am disabled by illness, my time to be creative everyday is limited. So once I run out of juice, I am done until I can recharge my batteries again. I wish I had solar energy! 

Even with the handful of projects swirling around me, I am still outlining and mapping out a future for myself. You cannot move forward in a vacuum, even thought I try. The universe constantly reminds me that plot points have to be set into motion even in our own lives. The stargate of creativity works when you have all the coordinates.

I know my timeline has changed several times especially now that I am permanently disabled. I have to go with the flow. I am in uncharted territory and my stargate malfunctions all the time. 

So am I accustomed to having a map that goes in several directions at once. "Scotty, beam me up!" Does that work? Can I change scifi series in the middle of an essay? 

No matter your stargate, life does not have to be an endless series of stops and goes. You can decide for yourself where you will want to end up. Follow your stars to change your stars. 

You may feel worn or cursed, but I assure you there is light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to know how to program your stargate. Brainstorming, goal setting, and some patience goes a long way. 

I have always wanted to be a writer and artist. Disability now gives me that focus. I just wish had a lot more time to be creative. 

Life is a set of coordinators. If you are headed in the wrong direction, well, then set a new course.
I'll be waiting in the Cafe at the End of the Universe. 

Oh, I did it again!

Have a great and wonderful day.