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To burst forth; bloom- everything in nature from flowers, fires, and ferocity.

"The two first lines drew me in, ..I think this brings me to the ponderous moments while watching the magnificent sky..when you almost feel you are shifting along with the changes."

"I enjoy reading your work & find this a wonderful image spurring thought or is it a thought spurring image... A delightful senryu to please those ancient Japanese while pleasing modern interpreters of this form as well. "

The Contents include: 
Earth Changes I
Earth Changes II
Earth Changes III
Cool Front Springs
Perfect Storm
Seasons in the Auditorium
Cherry Blossoms
Director's Cut
Longer Night's Day
Winter in the Desert
Bonfire of the Gods
Eleventh Hour
Kicking Up a Storm
Walk the Line 
Beautiful Day
12 Days of Geoengineering
Waiting to Inhale

also an assortment of Haikus and Senryus
and The Rain: Monsoon in the Desert (An Excerpt)

*Features award winning poem: Weather.

Download your copy of Effloresce (PDF).    


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