Monday, December 3, 2018

Save Freedom of Speech from Book Burning Censors in Techland

I do not know about you but I have never voted in Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, or any other Silicon Valley technology company into public office.

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Technology like the internet, domain addresses, and other means like Icann were researched by DARPA and funded by the American taxpayer. So the technology companies who laud censorship for political and social control are in fact misusing the public trust and public's ownership of the world wide web. In addition, these companies began as the Public Square where everyone has an equal voice. 

Technology usage by Silicon Valley is not cut and dry. Companies like Facebook have seesawed between being a public forum to recently redefining themselves as a publisher to cover their growing legal problems.

In order to combat this ever increasing censorship by technology companies, the pubic has ways to fight back. First, get a blog and state your case against censorship. Second, make your Congress critters aware of your disapproval of their lack of action against big tech. And, third, call the White House. 

For those individuals directly affected by the unlawful and illegal censorship, lawsuits must be filed against these overreaching monopolies. 

So stand up against censorship. Freedom of Speech is not about protecting speech you agree with but the speech you do not agree with. The Public Square is for everyone to enjoy. 

Corporations of any size are not our parents. With corporate need to buy our politicians, create their own laws, and demand obedience from the public, perhaps it is time Americans redefine what a corporation is in our society. Right now, corporations are acting more like global government and not for which they were originally intended: to produce consumer products and services. 

I do not remember that incorporation included being another branch to the American government.

Do you? 

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