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Sunday, September 18, 2022

What is Your Favorite Autumn Haunt?

Autumn Cider Seasonal Reads has poetry and prose for every spine-tingling moment of this haunted time of the year, and our selections keep growing. 

From paranormal activity, vampires, supernatural manhunts, to werewolf mythology, Undawnted wants to be the place readers would like to be. 

What's your favorite autumn haunt? 

Let us know on our social media feeds... comment, like, subscribe. 

We want to haunt you...err, with our publications! 

Team Undawnted


Thursday, August 25, 2022

Summer is Coming to a Close

On Undawnted, we follow the meteorological seasons. September 1st, therefore, is the beginning of our Autumn Cider Seasonal Reads programming. The season lasts until November 30th of each year. 

But don't fret, Undawnted is still in the Summer Time swing! 

We have one more publication for this season that has yet to be released: Saint (III) in the Devil You Know. The exciting and heartwarming conclusion to the Saint trilogy. 

This August we have re-released Saint (I) in the Big Easy, published Saint (II) in Communion, and now the last installment will go wide on August 30, 2022.

We are elated to bring you these novelettes! 

This series is tied into Undawnted's Exclusive Legacy Universe. So, there is sure to be some weird and creepy prologues and epilogues to tantalize your senses.

What is next for Eavanlee and Girard? The answers lie in the upcoming Legacy Universe Taskforce Crossovers


If you would like an invitation to the Member's Only activities, then subscribe to A Novelist Idea Newsletter. Subscribers always get the goodie bag. Contests, freebies, events, parties, projects, tours, and more!  

Have a great and spiritual day, 

Team Undawnted

Friday, May 27, 2022

June 2022 is Summer Activation Time on Undawnted

Undawnted switches from our Spring Dreams to Summer Time seasonal reads program on June 1st. 

Before that time, Undawnted has stopped updating our Facebook pages and accounts. On May 26th, Facebook forced DL Mullan into a 2-Step Authentication process... meaning this rogue corporation stole her emergency phone number in order to create a tracking leash onto its disabled user. 

Facebook tracks their users throughout the internet. This data is then sold for a profit. That information also is banked for future use to punish users who speak out against the censorship and the inane complaint of "misinformation."

By the way, Misinformation is what you gather from the mainstream media and intelligence operations on social media, not the other way around. If you are unconvinced, then see the Smith-Mundt Act that was updated during the Obama years that allowed the Intelligence Industrial Complex to propagandize Americans.  

Everything is not what it appears. As the revelation took hold, Undawnted turned off cable and the television years ago. Instead of being misled by talking heads, the author began researching what is real... nothing on television, even the news, is real. Real events, yes. Reality, no. A logical paradox has been born.

As a consequence of knowing real knowledge, this disabled woman will have to purchase a new emergency phone with a new number. On a fixed income, that is tragedy. With inflation, it is catastrophic.

In the last few years, corporations have stepped out of the shadows in order to rule us like Divine Right of Kings... I don't know about you, but I never voted in one of these treacherous CEOs into elected office... All this grandstanding is hubris. Their power is based in nothing, but what we give them. 

The power of the elite class is nothing more than a witch's spell. Spells are born of word and intention. If you rescind your consent, by refusing to participate in their schemes to scam you out of your privacy, reality, and creative spirit, then you can return to wholeness again. 

Adults do not need a ruling class of elites. We don't need to be under a conservatorship. The point of voting is to be responsible for our communities and countries. These shadows have corrupted the system for power, control, and profit. 

Why is anyone in the world supporting corporations that hate the people of this Earth? 

It is time people from around the world take a stand against these social media, as well as political and corporate, oligarchs that are using American taxpayer funded technology platforms to implement worldwide communism. That is what Globalism is: corporate control and bureaucratic communism. 

In the meantime, Undawnted will be researching other social media arenas to participate in. Good companies that don't want your information to sell or use against you. Corporations that abide by our privacy rights, as well as assert our rights.

This summer just got a whole lot more interesting! 

Have a great and wonderful rest of your May. 


Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Planning Undawnted's 2022 Calendar: What Do You Want to See More Of?

Plan, to plan, planning... sounds like an excuse for colored pens and an array of stickers.

And, you would be correct. 

2022 is going to be high energy for Undawnted. More writing, publishing, and publications. Nothing says dedication like exhaustion. 

Click for Chapbook Here
Undawnted has: 

  • Social media interactions
  • Original, award-level poetry 
  • Designer apparel
  • Authentic storytelling
  • Book and Movie Reviews
  • Fine Art print productions
  • Seasonal Reads
  • Events & Parties
  • Blog Tour & other Bookings
  • Special Engagements
  • Writer's Workshops 
  • an Upcoming Newsletter

So there is much that can be cataloged onto a calendar. 

Undawnted likes all that is happening in our little corner of the internet, but what makes Undawnted stand out from the crowd? 

What would you like to see? 

A psychotic painting elephant? Done! 


Have a great and wonderful day!


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Undawnted is Now on Minds

Someone on my social media news feed said that he was on Minds. So I went and checked it out. Minds is a social media site that is based on open source materials. 

An interesting experiment. if you would like to join me, then visit me on Minds

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Expanding My Universe

I have gone into the realm of writing and writer's groups on social media.

I post art, poetry, and some commentary. I have shared contact information and grown my readership. I am glad I made the jump into this new and exciting world. 

I hope I learn a lot from the vast knowledge of so many creative minds. 

So if you are on social media and see one of my posts... stop by and say hello! 

Have a great and wonderful day! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dressed to Express Discontent

So there was a bit of a controversy surrounding a blue and black dress on social media recently.

Did you see a blue and black dress, or a gold and white dress? 

The middle dress is the example placed on social media that made everyone lose their minds. The dress on the right and left of the middle dress are the two color differences that created the uproar. 

I personally see the gold and white dress.

Wired says that makes me wrong because the dress is actually blue and black. I say no. I am correct. If I have to change my RGB settings to view the color of the dress then something is wrong with the image to begin with. When I shop online, I buy clothes and accessories, each has come as I have seen it on my monitor. Why should I have to change anything?

My brain and ocular receptors pick up light differently. Perhaps my blue eyes have more rods than cones, or the other way around. That brings up another fascinating point... what iris color predicted which color duo? 

It is known that brown, blue, green iris colors affect image perception. The question is how much? That should be a study about how we view images.

In writing, a character with color blindness or a species from another planet that cannot see a shade of a certain color would be a fine example on how a writer can use the differences in the way humans see and reflect those differences back at us.

Have a great and wonderful day! 

Source: Wired

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