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Friday, July 7, 2023

Why Certain Creative Writes will not be Published on YouTube

Is this stupid or what? Creators of art, poetry, and prose are censored without a jury trial of our peers.

As I was making a list of poems that I wanted to create videos for, I had to strike out a few. One is Imaginary Suicide. Because we have not raised adults in this country and around the world, words are banned. 

People are terrified of words.

I'm sorry: what? 

Because adults are scared of the alphabet and dictionary, corporations are telling me what my rights are? Perhaps, it is time that we have the return of actual education, and in the process, "unalive" corporations. In legal terms, a corporation has personhood. Yet, I have never seen a corporation go to prison. Have you? So the definition of corporation needs to change, as well as to underline that to do business in our country (the United States) said entities (education and corporations) need to be neutral in all political and social matters.

I am tired of elites using their corporate power, wealth, and extreme belief systems to skew the electorate with disinformation and misinformation, on the right and the left. The first step is to disallow corporations from participating in our elections and culture. These entities are to sell goods and services, not tell me how to run my life. Under the Constitution, that is my right. 

Until voters understand how their rights are being stripped by foreign individuals, and the intelligence apparatus, through the flexing of corporate power, then the banning, shadow-banning, and censorship will continue. 

Censorship of poems like Imaginary Suicide:

2 Reader's Choice Nominations

"Beautifully expressed. It comes as no surprise that in a world structure as this one finds oneself in a complex emotional equation as this, until it runs its course and takes a turn at some point."

"So real to me, which is a sad reflection though true. I nailed this!" 

"Very imaginative. This is innovative, an interesting perspective and packed with emotion. Your use of language and word choices give this impact." 

"Imaginary suicide, what a subject matter for a great creative write, its full with real emotions as are great creative writes Well done and well wrote."

Shouldn't we be demanding the end of censorship? 

Have an imaginative day.


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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Licensing in the Digital Age: Royalty Free Versus Copyright Free

As a creator, I want to produce as much of my own content as I can. There are instances where that idea becomes impossible. Instrumentals is one of those current challenges.

I can write, craft, and publish my cover art, stories, and websites, but sometimes even a creator needs a helping hand. Since I would like to produce meaningful and engaging book trailers and presentations for my Undawnted Channel on YouTube (Please subscribe!), I have endeavored to use other musician's instrumentals to assist me. 

I have read numerous license agreements, and have purchased some music that you have already heard. Still, the royalty and copyright issues are murky at best. You can use X song if you follow these guidelines, royalty free. Yes, but I can use them for my commercial, known as a book trailer? 

The next challenge is: who is being paid for the music? The three songs I have bought so far were paid to one person, not the artist who created the song. So, I went on a fact finding mission to cut out the middleman. I emailed a couple of musicians on a site to see what royalty free means to them, and do I need to buy a lifetime license from them? Important questions. 

In the coming years, I may have to sit down and write a few songs on the computer. Yes, I have written songs in the past. With a grandfather who was a piano tuner and mover, as well as a jazz pianist, music runs in my veins. I spent a year in competitive orchestra and two years in band, playing the violin. When a string instrument was unfavorable to playing in a high school marching band, I opted for four years of choir.

Until my health supports more activity besides editing, reading, and writing, I will continue to be bounced around, uncertain as to how I can use "royalty free music." I rather purchase from the creator to ensure a legal license than using middlemen. I hope that the prices are within my budget. 

I do not want to cheat anyone, but I also like to eat. 

What it comes down to is the fine print. What does it actually say versus how I am interpreting it? 

Legalese, anyone? 

Have a great and wonderful day.


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Monday, March 21, 2022

The First Day of Spring on Undawnted for 2022 Means More of What You Love

It is time for warmer weather, fields of flowers blooming, and aachoo! allergies. 

Spring is also a time for renewal and beginning new projects. We are in the season to create our future. So we take this present and brainstorm. Where would you like to be by autumn? 

Undawnted will continue with creating and publishing more of our art, poetry, and prose in the form of ebooks, shirts, posters, and more. All the while, devising new and innovative ways to inspire our readers of A Novelist Newsletter

Undawnted on MPF
We will continue to offer sneak peeks and creations for public review via our Undawnted Youtube Channel. There we will introduce more people to our brand. Imagination cannot be fearless if you don't put yourself out there. 

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March 17th, Undawnted published the scifi/fantasy Long Form poem: Galactic Ride to rave reviews.

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If you still want to participate in Sonoran Dawn Studios' Celtic Green Book Event, you are just in time! The date was pushed back to April 2nd. 

Have a great and wonderful spring dreams! 


Sonoran Dawn Studios' Celtic Green Book Event

Monday, March 7, 2022

Unnarrated Video of the Poem: Arsonist is Available on Undawnted's Youtube Channel

Undawnted's Youtube unnarrated  video of: Arsonist, which is in the chapbook, Effloresce, debuted yesterday evening. 

Sometimes, you just don't want someone's voice interrupting you or to have to hear their taste in really weird music to enjoy some poetry. Now, you have the option of sitting in bed and relaxing with some award-level poetry with no interruptions. 

What a great way to end a hectic day.

Undawnted offers these Silent Movie versions for this exact reason.

If you like this low-tech version, then view our entire Unnarrated Playlist of poetry. Like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more upcoming videos about creative writing.

Have a great and wonderful day!


To burst forth; bloom- everything in nature from flowers, fires, and ferocity.

"The two first lines drew me in, ..I think this brings me to the ponderous moments while watching the magnificent sky..when you almost feel you are shifting along with the changes."

"I enjoy reading your work & find this a wonderful image spurring thought, or is it a thought spurring image... A delightful senryu to please those ancient Japanese while pleasing modern interpreters of this form as well. "

Enjoy nature in Effloresce, buy your Special Edition copy today!

Friday, February 19, 2021

Undawnted has a Youtube Channel for Books, Poetry, and Workshops

Undawnted is now on Youtube

Now DL Mullan's creative writing will be in video form. First, we are doing unnarrated versions of poetry and will work up to narrated ones. We are working up to get samples of novels up as well. 

Anything we can do in under 15 minutes. 

So Like and Subscribe. The more people we have, the more we can do for you. 

 Visit the channel here.  

Undawnted's website presentation.


Have a great and wonderful day!




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