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Tired of writing the same repetitive dialogue, formulaic plot points, and papier-mâché characters? Unamused by similar illustrations and compositions seen in print and on canvas? You want to do something more.

How does a creator begin to manifest such an ideal? By taking a creative journey into your imagination, where you will discover your own innovative resources. Through A Novelist Idea, WordWalker, and Fearless Philes, creators will discover their own imagination that will fuel endless works. 
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By subscribing to A Novelist Idea Newsletter and participating in our diverse activities throughout the year, creators will replenish their dynamic energy. Join us for monthly projects, books, movies, soundtracks, fine art, writing exercises, a supportive community, and ideas with purpose.

A Novelist Idea may be Free, but it is the experience of an Exclusive Membership Only community.  

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In the fee-based WordWalker, our Professional Writer's Workshops will take creativity to the next level.   
Learn history, classical literature and poetry. With a rich and textured education, artists, poets, as well as writers can deepen their craft in subtle but profound ways.  


Want knowledge that does not play reindeer games? Then DL Mullan's Fearless Philes is written for you. As a political Centrist, Ms. Mullan has no illusions and will not cater to fads and fallacies in this informative current events and social commentary newsletter.

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This journey will allow you to reclaim the creative force that lives inside you. With newfound insight, understanding, and discernment, a creator's high velocity energy will shine through their work.

Connect with your ingenuity. Rekindle your inspiration. Diverge from the imitators and become someone more.

Learn. Grow. Master... and let your imagination become fearless  


About Undawnted

Undawnted is the home of novelist, DL Mullan. Ms. Mullan has a varied and remarkable background, from her educational pursuits (Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology, also see About Undawnted), as well as learning from the best in novelization, science fiction, horror, fantasy, and scriptwriting (Communication Précis). From her award-winning poetry and scifi fantasy digital artwork to teaching honor's curriculum with her college's coordinator (Professor Emeritus), participating in panel discussions at conventions, or directing her community poetry group, she has the innovative vision, creative passion, and hands-on experience that lends itself to success. 

Check out her growing Curriculum Vitae on her Undawnteum site (updated regularly) for details on her extensive formal and self-procured education, real world experience, and application in the arts. 

Become a true Fearless Phile and join DL Mullan on the creative journey that is: Undawnted.

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