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The healing power of color comes the emotive, evocative, and provocative chapbook that will hit every note with ease and leave you wanting more.


"I love it. I can relate and "feel" the moment and the experience it brought on... thanks for sharing."

"That's fuckin awesome!!! Wow.. I love your work."

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The Contents include:
Azure Dreams
Less Than Perfect
Karmic Cycle
Never Be Her
Borrowed Life
Imaginary Suicide
Letting Go
Keep on Dreamin’
In Between
Gonna Be Alright
Make Your Own Kind
Stronger Than You Know

*Features nominated poems: Imaginary Suicide and Loaner.

Original publishing date: December 31, 2019


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Critical Acclaim from Readers:


Imaginary Suicide

"Beautifully expressed. It comes as no surprise that in a world structure as this one finds oneself in a complex emotional equation as this, until it runs its course and takes a turn at some point."

"So real to me, which is a sad reflection though true. I agree...you nailed this!" 

"Very imaginative. This is innovative, an interesting perspective and packed with emotion. Your use of language and word choices give this impact." 

"Imaginary suicide, what a subject matter for a great creative write, its full with real emotions as are great creative writes Well done and well wrote."


"So good. This is unique in its language and description, and common in sentiments. This makes it a treat to eyes. Thank you."

"Excellent metaphors and interesting, unique perspective- all this helps drive home the emotional impact of this poem." 

"Even from the point of view of a [wo]man [her]/his sad creative write can only be a true account of which I feel so sorry for what you was put through, but as a poem it was excellent in the way you wrote it and presented it, This is a 5 STAR write..."