The healing power of color comes the emotive, evocative, and provocative chapbook that will hit every note with ease and leave you wanting more.

"I love it. I can relate and "feel" the moment and the experience it brought on... thanks for sharing."
"That's fuckin awesome!!! Wow... I love your work."

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The Contents include:
Azure Dreams
Less Than Perfect
Letting Go
Keep on Dreamin’
In Between
Gonna Be Alright
Make Your Own Kind
Stronger Than You Know

Winter Frost Seasonal Reads  
Original publishing date: December 31, 2019.
Wide Release: December 2025. 




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Critical Acclaim from Readers:

Imaginary Suicide
2 Reader's Choice Nominations

"Beautifully expressed. It comes as no surprise that in a world structure as this one finds oneself in a complex emotional equation as this, until it runs its course and takes a turn at some point."

"So real to me, which is a sad reflection though true. I agree...you nailed this!" 

"Very imaginative. This is innovative, an interesting perspective and packed with emotion. Your use of language and word choices give this impact." 

"Imaginary suicide, what a subject matter for a great creative write, its full with real emotions as are great creative writes Well done and well wrote."


1 Reader's Choice Nomination 
"So good. This is unique in its language and description, and common in sentiments. This makes it a treat to eyes. Thank you."

"Excellent metaphors and interesting, unique perspective- all this helps drive home the emotional impact of this poem." 

"Even from the point of view of a [wo]man [her]/his sad creative write can only be a true account of which I feel so sorry for what you was put through, but as a poem it was excellent in the way you wrote it and presented it, This is a 5 STAR write..."

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