Spring Dreams Seasonal Reads

The Earth and all her creatures have awakened from their hibernation. 

The wind has turned warm. Butterflies flutter around. Bees buzz. Flowers bloom and scent the air with the fragrance of rich nectar.

The day grows longer towards summer time. Spring fever has set your senses to wild.

How do you return from cloud nine? Why, read, of course! 

Here are some of my reads for your reading list:

Articles, Essays, & Research 
Writing for a Better Society 
Do writers have an obligation to write for the betterment of society?

Food, Health, & Home 
Trail Mix Twist   
Get ready for the hiking trails with a new, old favorite.

Fiction, Novels 
Hode: The Legend Lives Again  
Roben Hode is reborn in this modern version of the legendary tale.

Short Fiction
Gossamer Square 
Victorian England becomes the host to some intricate contraptions.

Spring's Tale

Poetry, Chapbooks 
Science and science fiction meet poetry.

Galactic Ride
Take a ride across the vastness of the galaxy


Spring Reads runs March 1st to May 31st.

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