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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Last Weekend Before the New Year

Now that most holidays have ended or about to end for the year, we come upon the last weekend before 2016.

It is a time to reflect, set goals, and make wishes.

A life less ordinary is a path unpaved by feet or innovation. Humans struggle with nature, nurture, and inner contemplation. How can the human race make the world a better place in 2016?

How can you make yourself in to a better person? Develop your gifts and aptitude? What do you want to share with the world? 

Is it art or poetry? Do you want to write a book? 

The world awaits people to learn, practice, and endeavor. Nothing ever worth doing is easy. So pick yourself up join a writing group or go back to college. 

In ten years, you will be ten years older. In ten years, will you be showing your talents to the world? Why not? The world will still be there and you will have aged. It is better to begin, then to never begin at all.

What is your 2016 goal?

Have a great and wonderful day!

Friday, December 25, 2015

T Minus 7 Days Until New Logo Reveal

This year, the New Year's opener will be the unveiling of Undawnted's new logo, design, and tag line. 

We are still deciding on our annual Tag Line. We are down to three contenders. We will be holding them to a vote early next week, so choose wisely!

Our redesign and logo are mystical and scifi at the same time. We are pleased with its creation. You never know, we may keep it around for awhile.

There will be a Sneak Peak at the redesign on New Year's Eve, so don't miss it.
"If life is like a handful of candy, then your confections should reflect the sweetness of your life."
~~DL Mullan

Monday, December 21, 2015

Welcome to Winter

It is officially the last season of the year. 

Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season! 

Countdown to Yule

The UK's Telegraph has a countdown application and Winter Solstice is about 2 hours away.

Not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas. There are a number of different celebrations during this time of year. One of which is Yule.

Yule harkens back to Odin and Norse mythology. It is a time to butcher livestock for their meat, the mead/ale was ready in their casks, and the freezing weather was the death cycle of nature. 

The Winter Solstice became a celebration of life, and the upcoming renewal of spring. 

So this night of the longest darkness and shortest light, be thankful that tomorrow begins the cycle of renewal. 

For the Sonoran Desert: 
9h 55m
Tomorrow will be 0m0s shorter.

Enjoy the legends, the history, and the holiday spirit.

Thank You for Your Donations

'Tis the Season....

Thank you very much: DL Mullan for contributing to Undawnted's ISBN Fundraiser

Every contribution small and large is a step further to making the dream of publication come true.

You are probably wondering why I am thanking myself. Easy answer. If I am asking others to contribute to my cause, shouldn't I be the first one to donate?

Believing in oneself is important. 

If you do not believe in yourself and show it, why should anyone else believe in you? 

I hope this post illustrates the power of gratitude.

If you have not donated, please make this apart of your giving holiday spirit. 

Thank you.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dreaming while Awake is Life's Gift

I have fallen asleep several times today. 

I would write or research then catch myself nestling into my covers for a nap. Even mental work can exhaust me. That is what happens with chronic illness. 

Still winter has set in early in the desert southwest and I have settled into my writing mode. 

Yule will be here on Monday. Winter solstice arrives and the death of the year commences. The only option is to descend into the belly of the beast to be reborn into mythical heroes in the awakening of spring. 

Read your Joseph Campbell. 

Even though there will be no Yule tree or presents, I feel so blessed this year. I am grateful for my little fur family, friends, and neighbors. Although the year has been challenging and I am still very ill, I see a bright future at hand. 

Writing is my first love. My personal joy. Now that I have goals to attain and be in love while accomplishing those goals seems to be a dream come true. 

I wish all my days are filled with awakening dreams of these special gifts.

I hope everybody has a great and wonderful day.