The Descent

This chapbook houses "a darker breed of poetry." Plus new poetry that has yet to be seen by the general public.

"As a genre poet myself, I have to tell you how much I enjoyed this."

"The poem [Breathe} is as scrumptious and sensual as it is dark and deep."

"This is first for me. I have never read genre poetry before. I love it. Hugely imaginative and utterly unique..."   


The Contents include:.......................
The Rocking Chair
Death Replies to Emily Dickinson ..................
Breathe  .............................................
Upon Reading Edgar Allan Poe*......
The Owl*
The Hunted
Identity  ............................................
Waiting for You
The Beginning is the End
The Collection* ................................
Deceptive Act
Alone with My Thoughts
Ghost Hunter
Grim Reaper
Unexpected Expectation
I Walk This World Alone
Never Forgive Me

also an assortment of short poems.

*Features award-winning poems: Upon Reading Edgar Allan Poe, The Owl, and The Collection. As well as **Nominated poem: The Collection.

Autumn Cider Seasonal Reads 
Original publishing date: September 13, 2016. Re-release: Autumn 2023.
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Critical Acclaim from Readers: 
Upon Reading Edgar All Poe
1st Place, The Literary Review Journal
"A well crafted piece of art." 
"Both the descriptions and use of language here are very elaborate. The poem shows intricate crafting, the style and subjects of course, are reminiscent of Poe- this is not only a fitting homage, but stands on its own, the word choices are exact and richly expressive."
"As if Poe came right off the page. This homage is literally perfect."  

The Collection
3rd Place Moontown Cafe Halloween Contest
2 Reader's Choice Nominations
"One of your best works. Beautiful 3 part movement. Flowed very nicely." 

"WOW what a great poem, it flows like a small stream of water over the pebbles. 5 star write"
"A whole novel about a serial killer in three stanzas- amazing." 
"The language and flow here is superb, the description detailed. This also has an air of mystery, almost Halloween-ish." 
The Owl
Literary Excellence Award, The Literary Review Journal

"One of my favorites. Love long poems."

"'Until once again, night revisits his kingdom and he is resurrected.' You know your subject. Are you reminiscing about an owl, or our immortal souls?" 

"This is so precise and intense but a little mysterious. I love the passion!" 
"Waking up dead in a morgue's freezer would feel that way." 
"Raw, intense, gritty and " dark." But with powerful imagery and emotion. This is short, but to the point, clear, stark but visceral and thought- provoking.
"this gave me chills. dark, but well written." 
"Awesome. This was great. I love it." 

"very well written. enjoyed the read." 
"I didn't know succumbing to one's death could be viewed with sensuality." 

"Both the language (the word choices) and the rich imagery here is exquisite! You have blended sound, description, meaning- all, in a way that shows precise crafting." 

"Read this with a glass of red wine, highly recommended and so is the poem."